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Jobe Wet Gear Bag


£29.99 inc. VAT

Peak UK Kit Bag


The Peak UK Kit bag is a large bag that has 2 big carry handles and a drawstring top. This kayaking kit bag is a great way of moving your kayaking gear around. The bag features a tough PVC coated nylon construction which is waterproof, all of the seams are fully taped also. A waterproof kit bag like this is great for kayakers as it will help to prevent water from running out of the bag and into the boot of your car!

£35.00 inc. VAT £30.55 inc. VAT

Shaman Products Smiley Nose Plug


The Shamen Products Smiley Nose Plug is the perfect soltion for keeping the water out of your nose whilst whitewater kayaking. This kayaking noseplug, comes fitted with a small cord lanyard. This means that when you are kayak playboating, you can secure it to your canoe helmet to keep it secure.

£7.00 inc. VAT

Zone3 Apollo Goggles

From £19.01 inc. VAT

Zone3 Aspect Goggles

From £26.41 inc. VAT

Zone3 Attack Goggles

From £23.58 inc. VAT

Zone3 Mesh Training Bag

From £10.46 inc. VAT

Zone3 Protective Goggle Case


No more hunting around for your goggles at the bottom of your bag and having to replace them every season due to scratched lenses, it’s time to start taking care of your goggles with a protective case.

£10.00 inc. VAT £9.54 inc. VAT

Zone3 Vapour Goggles

From £33.01 inc. VAT

Zone3 Vapour Googles

From £33.01 inc. VAT

Zone3 Venator-X Goggles

From £27.36 inc. VAT

Zone3 Viper Speed Goggles

From £30.18 inc. VAT

Zone3 Vision Max Goggles


£25.00 inc. VAT £23.58 inc. VAT

Zone3 Volare Goggles

From £30.18 inc. VAT

Zone3 Waterproof Backpack


Turning your commute into training time is one of our favourite ways to squeeze the road miles in, even when it's raining! This was the inspiration behind the Zone3 Waterproof Backpack. Designed for training and commuting, it contains all of the features you need and expect for a workout, or a trip to the office, without having to worry about about your kit getting wet from the rain, or poolside puddles.

£79.00 inc. VAT £74.94 inc. VAT