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Fenix HL32R-T Trail Runner


The Fenix HL32R-T Trail Runner is a high-quality and lightweight running headlamp that delivers an output of up to 800 lumens. It features dual beams and power options, whilst the supplied Fenix ARB-LP1900, 1900 mAh Li-Poly battery provides high levels of brightness and extended run times. This torch includes the Fenix BOA headband system, which incorporates on the go adjustment of tension with a simple twist for an exact fit. The headband itself is a wider design, dispersing load over a wider area for greater comfort.

£66.63 ex. VAT £59.36 ex. VAT

Fenix HM62-T

The Fenix HM62-T Headlamp is an all-purpose and compact trail running headlamp that's been made from a premium magnesium alloy, making it both lightweight and durable. It features a large, glove-friendly switch which operates the four brightness levels - or warm white light, plus a red light light and flash. Not only is Fenix HM62-T excellent for its intended trail running purpose, but it is also ideal as a durable general purpose headlamp for work, hiking, fishing and caving, with the added convenience and comfort of the Boa headband adjustment.

From £65.81 ex. VAT

Fenix HM65R-DT Trail Runner

The Fenix HM65R-DT Trail Runner is a headlamp designed for running use, it features an SST40 white spotlight and SST20 warm white 'semi' spotlight, which when used in combination deliver an output of 1500 lumens. Its lightweight and durable magnesium design boasts many great features that provide the lighting you need to tackle many hours running in darkness. The included rechargeable 18650 li-ion battery is easy to charge via a USB-C port on the back of the light, whilst the battery level indicator keeps you informed of remaining power so you can plan your activities accordingly.

From £85.35 ex. VAT

Fenix HM65R-T Trail Runner


Fenix HM65R-T is the latest release in the hugely popular Fenix HM65R headlamp range. This light weight magnesium model is dedicated to trail running and boasts many features that give the growing field of Trail and Ultra runners the lighting they need to tackle many hours in the dark.

£92.46 ex. VAT £85.68 ex. VAT

Fenix HM65R-T V2.0 Trail Runner

The Fenix HM65R-T V2.0 Trail Runner headlamp is now even lighter and pairs a powerful cool white beam with a mist and fog penetrating warm white secondary beam. It now also includes a new bi-directional, click-adjust Sport Boa headband for comfortable fit adjustment on-the-go. It also incorporates a low profile whistle for use in emergency situations. The HM65R-T V2.0 redefines the trail running headlamp, delivering an output of 1600 lumens in a magnesium alloy body that's 30% lighter than the its predecessor.

From £85.68 ex. VAT

McNett Tenacious Tape Reflective Fabric Tape


McNett's Tenacious Tape Reflective Fabric Tape enhances your visibility during outdoor activities such as running, walking, or cycling. It meets the ANSI/ISEA 107 standard for high-visibility safety apparel, as mandated by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

£9.16 ex. VAT £8.16 ex. VAT

Silva Headlamp strap for Trail Runner 3


£10.83 ex. VAT £9.51 ex. VAT

Silva Trail Runner Battery Case


The Trail Runner Battery Case can carry either the Silva rechargeable Hybrid Battery or 3xAAA batteries. The case has grip friendly surfaces and holds an integrated red rear safety light – adding extra visibility. The battery can be carried comfortably on the headband or, thanks to the extension cord, it can be kept warm in your pocket to save battery life.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.29 ex. VAT

Petzl Iko Core

The rechargeable IKO® CORE headlamp combines multiple technologies to offer 500 lumens at only 79 g. Featuring an AIRFIT® headband, an ultra-thin lamp body and an energy source worn in the rear, the headlamp is balanced and comfortable enough to be imperceptible. The multiple LEDs are ideally distributed to provide uniform lighting, for optimal visual comfort.

From £62.77 ex. VAT

Petzl Actik Core

The Petzl Actik Core is an extremely bright and long lasting head torch which has a removable rechargeable battery. 600 Lumens and a red light The addition of the Core unit in the Petzl Actik allows you to charge your headtorch whenever you're at a power source, and as it's removable, take a spare when you are without power for a prolonged period of time.

From £53.04 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Sprinter 500 Headlamp

The Black Diamond Sprinter 500 Headlamp is an ultra-thin and well balanced headlamp that's purpose-built to handle everything from early morning runs to all night mountain running adventures, and anything in between. The Sprinter now offers 500 lumens of light on its brightest setting, which is almost twice the amount of previous models, providing maximum power for runners on the move. It has dual-fuel compatibility so can be powered by either three AAA standard alkaline batteries or the included Black Diamond rechargeable BD 1800 Lithium-ion battery.

From £59.40 ex. VAT

Petzl Tikka

The Petzl Tikka was originally launched 20 years ago as Petzl's first LED lamp and the latest version is still a classic in their range. Now with 350 lumens of brightness, the Tikka is a great option for use on camping trips or as a general family torch as it's super easy to use and compact enough to slip into your pocket when not needed. Comes with 3 standard batteries and is also compatible with the Petzl Core rechargeable battery.

From £25.00 ex. VAT

Petzl Tikka Core

The Petzl Tikka Core is a rechargeable, compact, and user-friendly headlamp featuring red lighting. With a brightness of 450 lumens, the Tikka Core provides uniform and comfortable illumination. It's your reliable companion for all nighttime outdoor activities, whether you're hiking, navigating camp, or on the move.

From £42.68 ex. VAT

Petzl Tikkina

The Petzl Tikkina is a compact and easy to use headlamp that offers 300 lumens of brightness to light up your evenings under the stars. This is a great torch for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and travelling. It's compact enough to slide into your bag or pocket when not in use, so you can take it anywhere! Comes with 3 standard batteries and is also compatible with the Petzl Core rechargeable battery, thanks to its Hybrid Concept design.

From £17.68 ex. VAT

Fenix HL18R


The Fenix HL18R is a rechargeable headlamp with a maximum output of 400 lumens. It sits on a 60° tiltable mechanism which allows the light to be directed where required. The light sits on a sweat-channelling, reflective headband which provides a secure and comfortable experience. It is powered by an included Li-polymer battery or 3 x AAA cells. The HL18R was designed with running in mind but is equally at home hiking, caving and for many other outdoor activities.

£49.96 ex. VAT £46.29 ex. VAT