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Split Shaft Paddles

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Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece


Ideal as a spare or as splits‚ this two-piece Maverick has a glass reinforced polypropylene blade‚ strong glass fibre shaft and a coupling in the centre so it can be taken apart or adjusted to be left and right handed.

£105.00 inc. VAT £91.54 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 4-Piece


The Palm Maverick G1 4 Piece is an ideal spare split paddle for white water kayaking paddle. It's available in a single length of 197 cm, and the blades cane be offset at 45 degrees either right or left handed.General Features ------------------- Glassfibre Paddle Shaft Ovalized Shaft Glass Reinforced Polypropylene Blades Three Length Options Right Handed 45 Degree Right or Left Offset Blades Glass Spigot with Button

£140.00 inc. VAT £122.05 inc. VAT

TNP Rapa Glass 4 Piece & Bag

From £124.60 inc. VAT

Werner Sherpa 2 Piece Straight Shaft


The Werner Sherpa is an exceptionally smooth and responsive river running design. The mid size blades are evenly balanced to create a clean catch that is powerful and smooth throughout the entire stroke. Mid size blades are powerful but won't wear you out. Balanced blade design for smooth strokes. Ideal for all round river running and moderate play boating.Premium Performance uses material choice and manufacturing skill to allow for a perfect combination of light swing weight and stiffness. Fiberglass blade construction gives you a compromise between swing weight and value. The precise blade shape for a more efficient forward stroke. The moves you need to make river running, the obstacles you need to work around, made easier with Werner designs. Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner. Custom shaped, low profile, reinforcement spine allows for enhanced blade maneuverability when linking several strokes and provides blade stiffness and overall strength. Mid-sized blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers. Optimized flex and strength. Designed for your body to feel strain free without giving up Bomber reliability. Fiberglass Straight or carbon Neutral Bent shaft in Standard Diameter or Small Diameter. Feather Angle: 1-piece options- unfeathered, Right hand control or left hand control, up to 90 degrees, in 5 degree increments. 2-piece and 4-piece- R45/0/L45 or R30/L30. R45 is our most popular in river running and R30 in play boating.

£310.00 inc. VAT £281.93 inc. VAT