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Beal Hydro Bag


The Beal Hydro Bag is constructed of PVC material providing a highly durable and abrasion resistant backpack. A large padded back and shoulder straps make it comfortable even on longer walks. As well as a sternum and hip belt to allow for greater stability when loaded. Multiple drain holes on sides and bottom allow for any water to flow out. In emergencies it is also possible to quickly eject from the pack thanks to quick release buckles on the shoulder straps.

£91.66 ex. VAT £81.09 ex. VAT

Beal Pro Canyon 10.3mm

The Beal Pro Canyon 10.3mm is a specially crafted rope tailored for canyoning groups and clubs. Expertly designed for canyoneering enthusiasts and constructed from 100% pre-shrunk polyamide thread, it boasts exceptional flexibility among its numerous qualities. Rely on its water-resistant properties and vibrant orange hue, making it the preferred choice for your canyoneering expeditions.

From £82.58 ex. VAT

Edelrid Canyoneer Bag 45


The Edelrid Canyoneer Bag 45 is a robust tarpaulin rucksack for canyoning use. Made with super-tough, abrasion-resistant tarpaulin that has multiple openings to allow water to drain out. It also features adjustable shoulder straps, an inner mesh compartment with robust zipper, a gear loop and three colour-coded internal loops, which allow for an organised overview of all your equipment.

£75.00 ex. VAT £66.45 ex. VAT

Edelrid Canyoneer Guide 50


The Edelrid Canyoneer Guide 50 is a robust and fully-featured canyoning gear bag made from tarpaulin. It features an inner mesh compartment with a solid zip, reinforced seams for optimum durability, and two colour-coded internal gear loops, which allow an organised overview of your equipment.

£125.00 ex. VAT £110.75 ex. VAT

Edelrid Iguazu

The Edelrid Iguazu is a cutting-edge canyoning harness designed for both guides and canyoning enthusiasts. Boasting a replaceable abrasion protector and webbing with a wear indicator, this harness prioritises durability and safety. Its unique configuration includes two tie-in points (textile + metal) that offer versatile horizontal and vertical attachment options, perfect for separating abseiling and self-belaying gear.

From £128.72 ex. VAT

Edelrid Iguazu Seat Protector


The Edelrid Iguazu Seat Protector stands as a pinnacle of durability, offering an exceptionally robust abrasion guard crafted from high-quality tarpaulin. This purpose-built accessory is exclusively designed for use with the Iguazu canyoning harness, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting protective layer for your outdoor adventures.

£31.67 ex. VAT £28.77 ex. VAT

Edelrid Pintail 10.0mm

The Edelrid Pintail 10.0mm features a polyester sheath and construction, which guarantees exceptional abrasion resistance without compromising handling. This rope maintains its suppleness even after prolonged and frequent abseiling manoeuvres, ensuring a smooth and unrestricted user experience. Its slightly larger diameter and user-friendly sheath structure make it an excellent choice for introducing guided tour participants to the captivating realm of canyoning.

From £73.83 ex. VAT

Edelrid Pintail Lite 9.0mm

The Edelrid Pintail Lite 9.0mm stands out as a highly durable canyoning rope featuring a twisted polyester sheath, maximising resistance against abrasion. This rope maintains its flexibility even under rigorous use and through numerous wet-dry cycles. Its neon-yellow colour scheme guarantees excellent visibility in all conditions. Geared towards those who prefer a lightweight and flexible approach, the Pintail Lite, with its small diameter, is ideal for individuals seeking agility and versatility.

From £93.03 ex. VAT

Kong Big 8

The Kong Big 8 is a 'figure of 8' canyoning descender made with aluminium alloy. It has wings for creating a locking knot and is perfect for belaying the first climber with double ropes, as its large central opening (7cm) allows you to overcome any knots on the ropes. The Big 8 weighs in at 172 grams and its large dimensions allow you to work with thick ropes, ranging from 9mm to 16mm in diameter. It also has a very high breaking load of 40kN.

Kong Canyon Gloves

The Kong Canyon Gloves are great for use in aquatic situations such as canyoning. Made with Neoprene and reinforced with DuPontTM Kevlar® fibres on the palms and fingers, the canyon glove offers both warmth in cold water conditions, as well as the durability required for canyoning activities. They feature a convenient Velcro closure on the wrist for easy size adjustment and come equipped with a hole to hang on a harness or rucksack.

From £35.29 ex. VAT

Kong Indiana Canyon


The Kong Indiana Canyon is a canyoning harness that combines lightweight design with versatility, featuring three adjustable straps for the waist and legs, ensuring a fully adaptable universal fit. It's continuous ribbon construction allows for size adjustment, accommodating both adults and children aged 12 years and above. Enhanced with a spacious lateral gear loop, this harness offers practicality and comfort for your canyoning adventures.

£108.33 ex. VAT £96.52 ex. VAT

Kong Oka

The Kong Oka is a descender that's been especially conceived for canyoning, designed not only for progression on rope but also for use in emergency, recovery and rescue situations which are very difficult to manage with other devices.

From £27.86 ex. VAT

Kong Oka Set


The Kong Oka is a new descender especially conceived for canyoning, designed not only for progression on rope but also for the use in emergency, recovery and rescue situations, very difficult to manage with other devices. The use is quick, safe and effective in every condition.

£41.66 ex. VAT £37.12 ex. VAT

Kong Target Canyon

The Kong Target Canyon combines the comfort of a mountaineering harness with the abrasion-resistance and shape that's necessary for canyoning and caving. The special front attachment point can accommodate a quick link and allows a chest ascender to be connected in a lower position.

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