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Dagger Contour Lite Backrest

The Dagger Contour Lite Backrest is designed to enhance your kayaking comfort and support during your adventures. It comes in two versions: one with kayak ratchet straps and the other with webbing straps. Both options provide ample adjustability and are simple to install on your kayak. While they are primarily designed for Dagger Kayaks, they are also compatible with other kayak brands.

From £55.48 inc. VAT

Dagger Stainless Steel Ratchet


The Dagger Stainless Steel Ratchet is designed to replace a broken or rusted ratchet in your dagger kayak. The ratchet is used to adjust the backrest of your kayak in order to achieve maximum comfort and connectivity. To fit, just screw into the kayak using a large philips head screwdriver and push the plastic ratchet strap through.

£11.00 inc. VAT £9.84 inc. VAT

Pyranha Backband Strap


The Pyranha Backband Strap is a great choice for enhancing or substituting your current kayak backrest, providing improved adjustability. It complements kayaks equipped with ratchet-controlled thigh braces.

£27.00 inc. VAT £25.63 inc. VAT

Pyranha Non Ratchet Connect Backrest Complete

The Pyranha Non Ratchet Connect Backrest Complete is a full backrest pad set with straps and elastics designed for use with Connect, Stout, and Stout 2 Spec Pyranha Kayaks.

From £31.80 inc. VAT

Pyranha Plastic Ratchet Strap


The Pyranha Plastic Ratchet Straps are available as individual units. If your current kayak ratchet straps are showing signs of wear and slipping, it's time for an upgrade. These replacements are easy to install, providing enhanced and secure support for your kayak. Consider upgrading the ratchet buckles as well if they show signs of wear.

£6.00 inc. VAT £5.69 inc. VAT

Pyranha Ratchet Buckle


The Pyranha Ratchet Buckles are supplied as single units. They also come with the nut that is required to attach them to the kayak thigh brace. These work in conjunction with the ratchet kayak backrest that are fitted in many Pyranha kayaks and give further adjustment to the back support.

£15.00 inc. VAT £14.23 inc. VAT

Pyranha Ratchet Connect Backrest Complete


The Pyranha Ratchet Backrest is the optimal choice for enhancing your current kayak backband, ensuring elevated comfort and performance levels.

£43.20 inc. VAT £39.82 inc. VAT