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Nookie Como Touring Deck

Como Touring Deck

From £89.95 inc. VAT

Palm Cockpit Cover

The Palm Cockpit Cover, very simply a kayak spraydeck that does not have a waist tube. The kayak cockpit cover has several uses; it keeps the creepy crawlies out of your kayak when being stored in the garden. It also helps to keep your kit securely in your kayak if there’s not enough space in the car. It seals onto the kayak in the same way as a spraydeck and it also has a release handle to aid with getting in on and off the kayak.

From £34.75 inc. VAT

Palm Derwent Spraydeck

From £29.27 inc. VAT

Palm Loweswater Spraydeck

From £86.88 inc. VAT

Palm Ullswater Spraydeck

From £34.75 inc. VAT

Peak UK Nylon Deck

From £43.93 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Neoprene Cockpit Cover

The Whetman Equipment Neoprene Cockpit Cover is available in two different sizes; keyhole and bigdeck. This kayak cockpit cover fits the majority of boats; whether it’s a whitewater kayak or a sea kayak. It features a 3mm neoprene construction and the edges of the cover incorporate a 9mm shock cord to ensure a secure fit to your kayak. This kayak cockpit cover also features a grab handle on the front to ease the positioning and removal, the handle can also then be secured to the kayak to prevent loss.

From £36.55 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Force Spraydeck

The Whetman Equipment Force Spraydeck is available in two different deck sizes and four different waists. This neoprene spraydeck is particularly well suited for whitewater kayaks, however it will also be a great option on sea kayaks. This kayak spraydeck features a 4mm neoprene construction, the spraydeck seals to the kayak via a 9mm shock cord edge. The under side of the spraydeck is then finsihed with a latex coating around the edges to give an enhanced seal on the kayak cockpit.

From £80.88 inc. VAT