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Caving Equipment

Whether you're off to the Picos for a month, squeezing in a trip to the Mendips or hanging around in Yorkshire, we've got the kit you need.

Our range of clothing includes the traditional offerings of Warmbac oversuits and undersuits, with some different ideas from Rab and Marmot. The powerstretch bibs are great if you find a furry too warm. Have a look at our selection of base layers as well, Ideal for under an undersuit if you're cold or with your bibs if you're warm! We have all sorts of hats and gloves for those chilly moments at the pitch head. We have also got loads of different footwear options from the traditional wellies to the more modern canyoneers. If you find yourself a bit self-conscious when changing at the car or minibus, or even just a little bit chilly, check out the Saltrock changing towel - made for surfers, but just as amazing for cavers.

Our Lighting systems from Petzl include the many incarnations of the Duo (including the 1Watt LED upgrade bulb) and come either as stand-alone systems or attached to a helmet. We also have lots of backup light options - really important in a cave!

Our Helmet options all have an outer shell made of plastic to withstand repeated impacts (within reason!) and some have a polystrene insert. Despite the discontinuation of the Ecrin Roc (when they're gone, they're gone!) there are lots of options including the excellent Petzl Elios and the Edelrid Ultralight. For children, or for those with small heads we have a couple of children's options.

Vertical caving - We sell everything needed for caving on ladder and lifeline, and for SRT descents of caves.

Our Recommended SRT (Single Rope Technique) Kit

For a full SRT kit you will need:

It is generally a good idea to have a couple more karabiners than you think you'll need, and an extra jammer if you are descending using a rack. A Stop descender can be used instead of a croll in an emergency (although it could take a while on anything other than a really short pitch!).

Other items can be added in to customise your SRT kit, like the Pantin for extra fast ascents, or a Minitraxion for rescues.

Please note that items of P.P.E. cannot be returned (P.P.E. is Personal Protection Equipment and applies to caving, climbing and industrial equipment including helmets, harnesses, ropes, and accessories intended to link a person to a structure - face such as camming devices, karabiners, slings, ascenders, etc.).

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Alp Design Avalon

From £68.75 inc. VAT

Alp Design Bitex

From £124.90 inc. VAT

Alp Design Bitex Lady

From £124.90 inc. VAT

Alp Design Marmore


£76.50 inc. VAT £68.75 inc. VAT

Alp Design Taxi

From £68.75 inc. VAT

Alp Design Turtle


£76.50 inc. VAT £68.75 inc. VAT

Alp Design Voyager


£76.50 inc. VAT £68.75 inc. VAT

Alp Design X-Pile

From £107.62 inc. VAT

Alp Design X-Pile Lady

From £107.62 inc. VAT

Beal Spelenium 10mm

From £93.68 inc. VAT

Beal Spelenium 8.5mm Unicore

From £170.09 inc. VAT

Beal Spelenium 9mm

From £79.90 inc. VAT

Beal Spelenium Gold 9.5mm

From £2.10 inc. VAT

Dunlop Acifort

From £26.99 inc. VAT

Dunlop Dull Junior

From £13.49 inc. VAT