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Endless River D Ring

From £6.78 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Hand Pump


Good quality and reliable hand pump for kayakers with light function. Integrated attachment bungee and low profile floatation foam. Durable high quality Aisi 316 steel shaft. Removable caps for cleaning. Ergonomic two compound handle with finger protection.

£29.99 inc. VAT

Mad River Rotamoulded Deck Plate


Constructed of a heavy-duty polyethylene, this deck plate is intended as a replacement part for Mad River Canoes.

£27.00 inc. VAT £25.21 inc. VAT

Palm Canoe / Kayak Pump


The Palm Canoe Kayak pump is made from injection moulded plastic and features a metal pump stick. The top of it features a large handle which makes for easy gripping in cold conditions; it also gives a securing loop / tie in point when it comes to securing it in your boat. On the outside of the barrel there is a soft foam sleeve which gives the pump some buoyancy.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.29 inc. VAT

Scotty 13.5" Pump and Float


The Scotty kayak pump is a top safety product to take along on your sea kayaking adventures. In the event of having capsized, this will assist with performing a deep water rescue and being able to empty your kayak of water.

£49.99 inc. VAT £45.92 inc. VAT

Silverbirch Canoes Deep Dish Yoke

From £114.06 inc. VAT

Silverbirch Canoes End Cap

From £23.75 inc. VAT

Silverbirch Canoes Gunwale


£70.00 inc. VAT £66.53 inc. VAT

Silverbirch Canoes Plastic Seat

From £42.77 inc. VAT

Silverbirch Canoes Sailing Seat


General Features -------------------- Ash Construction Webbing Seat Pad 1 Size Option - Extra Wide Supplied Uncut NOT Supplied with fittings Mast Hole - 32mm Diameter -------------------- Extra Wide - Frame Width - 86.5cm - Frame Depth - 25.5cm Seat Pad - Seat Width - 46cm - Seat Depth - 25.5cm --------------------

£85.00 inc. VAT £80.78 inc. VAT
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