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Beal Combi Rope Mat / Rucksack

The Beal Combi is a both a rope rucksack and a large tarp for keeping the rope clean & organised when climbing. It has a full length front zip, internal zippered pocket for essentials, external stretch pocket, internal hauling handle, external handle and highly comfortable shoulder straps. The tarp folds out from the inside of the pack, both of which are made from heavy duty durable polyester.

From £28.63 ex. VAT

Beal Folio Rope Bag / Mat

The Beal Folio Rope Bag / Mat is a simple rope bag that rolls out into a mat, to protect your rope and prevent tangling, therefor eliminating the risk of knots. It features a simple over the shoulder carry system and has been specifically designed for use on short carries or to separate your rope from other items in your bag. It can accommodate a rope plus a limited amount of kit.

From £22.06 ex. VAT

Blue Ice Koala Rope Bag

The Blue Ice Koala is a unique and compact rope bag with an innovative design that makes it easy to move between two climbing routes. The Koala allows you to efficiently store up to 80 metres of rope, plus your harness and rockshoes. It can be worn either alone or in addition to your climbing pack and cleverly turns into a tarp to protect your ropes when it's unfolded on the ground.

From £37.37 ex. VAT

DMM Classic Rope Bag

The DMM Classic Rope Bag has the capacity to transport up to 80m of rope and accessories efficiently and comfortably, making it ideal for both the wall and crag. It has an internal tarp that is secured to the bag's interior with a Velcro attachment - this will keep your rope out of the mud and anything sharp when outdoors. It also features a handy zipped lid pocket for storing small essentials like your purse, wallet, phone or keys.

From £36.92 ex. VAT

DMM Pitcher Rope Bag

The DMM Pitcher Rope Bag is lightweight, with an integrated tarp that keeps your rope clean and stashes easily into the body of the bag. Shoulder straps let you carry the pitcher like a rucksack. This means it can be used as a route sack on multi-pitches, or put inside another bag to aid organisation.

From £25.84 ex. VAT

Edelrid Caddy Rope Bag


The Edelrid Caddy Rope Bag is a practical solution for easily keeping your climbing rope stored. The concept is incredibly simple yet well designed: production is very material efficient, as the Caddy is manufactured without any offcuts meaning we avoid production waste.

£41.67 ex. VAT £36.92 ex. VAT

Edelrid Liner


The Edelrid Liner is an excellent, no-frills rope bag that's great value for money. It is fitted with a tarp to protect your rope from dirt and shoulder straps to make carrying your rope to and from destinations easy. It is large enough to fit a 70m rope.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.15 ex. VAT

OCUN Ropemat


The OCUN Ropemat is an easy-to-transport rope mat that will help keep your rope clean, safe and long lasting. Comes with a karabiner to help close up once folded away and 4 corner loops for rope ends.

£14.96 ex. VAT £13.53 ex. VAT

Trango Rope Trapper Tarp


The Trango Rope Trapper Tarp is a rope tarp & a rope bag. With the clever colour coded tie in points on the corners, the tope and bottom sides of the rope are easily identified, while the design of the tarp allows the rope to be wrapped fully and cinched down into a contained single unit.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.27 ex. VAT