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Dagger Axis E 10.5

The Dagger Axis E is a 10.5 foot touring kayak that's perfect for getting back into kayaking and also new comers who are looking to venture out for the first time. This Axis E is great for flat water touring and is equally suitable for use on the inland waterways and lakes as well as calm coastal trips. This is a lovely kayak that offers good levels of stability, forward speed, and comfort. The Axis 10.5 has a large easy-access cockpit so it’s easy to get in and out. The ergonomic seat which also includes a padded seat and an adjustable kayak backrest, offers good comfort. Further comfort and support is achieved by the addition of the pedal footrest and padded thigh braces. The rear of the kayak then includes a foam bulkhead and storage hatch to keep your equipment secure, whilst the retractable skeg enhances the directional stability.

From £733.70 ex. VAT

Dagger Contour Lite Back Pad


£12.50 ex. VAT £11.18 ex. VAT

Dagger Katana Action

The Dagger Katana Action is a highly versatile cross over kayak that is available in two different sizes. There is a Katana 9.7 for the smaller paddlers whilst the Katana 10.4 is suitable for the larger paddlers. This hybrid kayak features a versatile design that's suitable for experiencing most forms of kayaking, whether you are exploring the canal, bouncing down your local river of cruising around a lake. The Katana Action has a large easy access cockpit. a padded seat and adjustable backrest give comfort and support, further support and safety is achieved by the addition of the bulkhead footrest. The rear of the kayak features a retractable skeg for enhanced directional stability. It also incorporates a foam bulkhead and a rear storage hatch. This gives a great area for storage of essential items for your day’s adventures.

From £695.54 ex. VAT

Dagger Oval Domed Hatch Cover


The Dagger Domed hatch cover is oval in shape and will fit a number of different kayaks. It features an internal foam gasket to give the best seal possible and a dual plastic rubber construction which offers great levels of performance. The underside of the hatch also incorporates a moulded in anchor point to enable you to secure it to your kayak.

£41.67 ex. VAT £37.28 ex. VAT

Dagger Round Domed Hatch Cover


The Dagger round domed hatch cover has a dual plastic rubber construction. This dual material construction ensures that best levels of performance. The plastic centre panel makes it stiff and prevents it from imploding, while the rubber edge makes it easy to get on and off whilst still maintaining a good seal.

£32.50 ex. VAT £29.08 ex. VAT

Dagger Stratos 12.5

The Dagger Stratos is a 12.5 foot touring kayak that's available in two sizes for the perfect fit. There is a Stratos 12.5 S for smaller paddlers whilst the larger paddlers should look at the Stratos 12.5 L. This touring kayak is the great for longer and faster trips along the canal, around the lake and even gentle coastal trips. The Stratos 12.5 has a single layer polyethylene, this also features a retractable skeg for better directional stability. The kayak is easy to get in and out due to the large cockpit, it then features a comfortable padded seat with rake adjustment. Additional comfort and support is then gained due to the backrest and the adjustable pedal footrests. Whilst the padded thigh braces give better control. The front and rear of the kayak both incorporate a foam bulkhead and a storage hatch, which is great for keeping a drybag.

From £886.33 ex. VAT

Dagger Stratos 14.5

The Dagger Stratos 14.5 is a plastic touring kayak that's available in two sizes. The size options will help to achieve a near perfect fit and will therefor offer the best possible levels of performance. The Stratos 14.5 features a large and comfortable cockpit system with a supportive back rest and adjustable footrests. There are also front and rear hatches for accommodating storages and an array of elastics for securing items you may need close to hand.

From £799.13 ex. VAT

Environment Agency Wales Wye Canoe? Canoeists' guide to the River Wye


The Environment Agency Wales have produced a great canoe guide book that answers all the questions you want to know about kayaking on the river Wye. This Wye Canoe? Canoeists guide to the river Wye features 62 pages of need to know information. It is broken down into 12 trips, each trip has a detailed map that informs you of national grid references, camp sites, local pubs, shops, toilets and also launching and landing points.

£9.95 ex. VAT £9.37 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Fiesta

The Islander Fiesta is an entry-level recreational kayak that's ideal for exploring inland waterways. It features a large, easy access cockpit which has a moulded in seat with a comfortable seat pad. Further comfort and support is achieved by the addition of a backrest and adjustable pedal footrests.

From £307.49 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Jive

The Islander Kayaks Jive is a 10.5 foot touring kayak that's perfect for exploring your local river, cruising around a lake or finding peace and tranquillity on the canal. This kayak has a large easy access cockpit which incorporates a padded seat, backrest and thigh braces, additional comfort and support can be achieved by adding an adjustable pedal footrest. The rear is fitted with a foam bulkhead and an oval kayak storage hatch. There's also a retractable skeg that will keep you on a straight course, whilst the front deck elastics offer you somewhere to keep your map!

From £457.49 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Voro

From £504.75 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Voro Club

From £504.75 ex. VAT

Islander Kayaks Voro Recycled

From £466.59 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Recreational Paddle Leash


The Kajak Sport Recreational Paddle leash is the perfect addition to any sit on top kayak. This leash will easily secure to your kayak, keeping your paddle safe in the event of a capsize. Kajak Sport have designed this leash to be simple to use, it features a 1m piece of 4mm elastic. On one end there is a Velcro secured strap to wrap around the paddle shaft, whilst on the opposite end there's a plastic bungee clip that will secure to your kayak decklines.

£9.16 ex. VAT £8.49 ex. VAT

Nookie Como Touring Deck

The Nookie Como Touring Deck is the perfect option for many Kayakers out there. This fits a wide range of Sea and Touring Kayaks and also many of the modern crossover kayaks. The Como Deck features a split noprene / fabric construction to give the perfect balance between, performance and comfort. The main section of the deck is made from stretchy 4mm jersey neoprene and features an 8mm shockcord edge. This gives a good amount of stretch for getting the deck on, but still offers a snug and secure fit. The waist tube incorporates a 2 layer construction to give waterproofness and breathbility. This neoprene deck also comes with a large release strap and knee strap for easy removal when upside down, whilst the removable braces help to support the deck when its worn loosely on the waist.

From £65.82 ex. VAT

Nookie NKE Reinforced Nylon Centre Spray Deck

The Nookie NKE Reinforced Centre Spray Deck is available in three different sizes for a nearly perfect fit. This is a great entry level kayak sparaydeck and features a full nylon construction. Around the nose of the spraydeck and also on the sides, there is a further Cordura reinforced covering for greater levels of durability. The spraydeck is fully waterproof and all of the seams are taped for further proptection. This nylon spraydeck is easy to get on and off the kayak, it also secures well via the adjustable shock cord edge. The wast tube is a single size and also features a shock cord adjustment, again for a perfect fit. The frotn release handle of the deck also indicates the size of the deck.

From £40.21 ex. VAT