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Kajak Sport Recreational Paddle Leash


The Kajak Sport Recreational Paddle leash is the perfect addition to any sit on top kayak. This leash will easily secure to your kayak, keeping your paddle safe in the event of a capsize. Kajak Sport have designed this leash to be simple to use, it features a 1m piece of 4mm elastic. On one end there is a Velcro secured strap to wrap around the paddle shaft, whilst on the opposite end there's a plastic bungee clip that will secure to your kayak decklines.

£10.99 inc. VAT £10.19 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation

The Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation is a highly versatile kayak paddle that's designed and manufactured here in the UK. This paddle is ideal for using to explore the coast line on a sit on top kayak; it's also just as suitable for exploring your local canal in a touring kayak whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility.

From £118.24 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation Leverlock

Steamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation Leverlock paddle

From £184.66 inc. VAT

TNP Universal Drip Rings


The TNP Universal Drip Rings are compatible with paddles featuring an outer diameter between 28mm and 32mm. Crafted from durable plastic polymer, these drip rings securely attach around the paddle shaft and are fastened with a clipping mechanism—ensuring proper orientation is key during installation.

£4.99 inc. VAT £4.69 inc. VAT

Tootega Paddle Leash

The Tootega Paddle Leash is a great piece of kayak safety kit. This leash will keep your paddle secured to your kayak so the paddle won't float away after a capsize. The Tootega paddle leash features a premium design that incorporates a coiled lanyard. The one end of the leash has a rotating swivel which also connects to a secure Velcro strap that secures around the paddle.

From £22.14 inc. VAT

Palm Paddle Leash


The Palm Paddle Leash allows you to safely put your paddle down without losing it if you need to take a rest. Simply attach the leash to the paddle shaft with the Velcro loop and clip the other end to your deck line or slip it over your hand.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.12 inc. VAT

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Enthusiast Leverlock

The Streamlyte kinetic tour enthusiast is a two piece sea kayaking paddle that features a highly adjustable paddle joint kit. This great sea kayaking paddle features tough and durable nylon 12 blades and these are then mounted on a semi carbon paddle shaft. The centre of the shaft features a paddle joint kit which can change the leading hand, alter the feather between several different options and also alter the length of the paddle by up to 10cm.

From £242.87 inc. VAT

Robson Chlorophyll Tour FG

The Robson Chlorophyll Tour FG is a high-end, single piece paddle for sea kayaks. It features a full fiberglass construction which provides good levels of stiffness, the paddle's shaft is then fitted with kayak drip rings to prevent the water running down them and onto your hands. The shaft itself is slightly ovalized, providing a defined grip for you hands which helps keep the paddle blades aligned correctly with the hands.

From £144.50 inc. VAT

Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Posi-Lok

The Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Posi-Lok is a split kayak paddle that can be used as either your main paddle or as a backup to store on the deck of your kayak, for use in emergencies. It features a fibreglass reinforced blade mounted onto a 100% carbon shaft. The Posi-Lock system allows the paddle to be split into 2 pieces for ease of transport and storage. The Manta Ray Hybrid also comes fitted with drip rings, which prevent any water from running off the blade and onto the paddle shaft.

From £155.00 inc. VAT

Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon 2-Piece Posi-Lok

The Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon 2-Piece Posi-Lok is a high-angle kayak paddle suitable for sea kayaking and touring. It features a split shaft, which means it can double up as a spare paddle for longer trips and be easily stored on the deck of your kayak. The paddle feathering angle can be changed from 0 degrees through to 75% at 15 degree increments. It also comes fitted with drip rings, these are great for stopping the water from running off the paddle blade and down the shaft.

From £205.00 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Paddle

The Palm Drift Paddle is an entry level kayak paddle that's ideal for use with sit on top kayaks, crossover kayaks and the old relic that you've just dug out of the garage. This paddle comes in 3 sizes, 205cm 215cm and 220cm and it features a glass filled polypropylene paddle blade and an aluminium paddle shaft. This paddle also features plastic shrink wrap grips, moulded in hand grips and a set of kayak drip rings. These drip guards will prevent the water from running off the blades and getting your hands wet.

From £48.64 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Lite Paddle

The Palm Drift Lite Paddle is ideal for activities such kayak touring and kayak fishing. This mid-range paddle features a glass-fibre shaft with a diameter of 30mm, along with a glass-filled propylene blade which provides excellent durability and performance. The paddle comes complete with drip rings on each end of the shaft and moulded hand grips on the right hand side for ease of finding the correct hand placement.

From £82.82 inc. VAT

Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Posi-Lok

The Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Posi-Lok is their most popular paddle, packing a high-performance carbon shaft with non-stop nylon blades. Weighing in lighter than Aqua-Bound's other comparable models at 30 ounces, the Sting Ray Hybrid is the lightest flatwater injection moulded kayak paddle available at this price point. The carefully engineered blade shape slices into and out of the water and limits fatigue due to wind resistance.

From £155.00 inc. VAT

Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Versa-Lok

The MantaRay Hybrid combines fiberglass-reinforced Nylon blades with a lightweight carbon-fibre shaft, providing a durable and powerful high-angle paddle. The user-friendly Versa Lok system employs a secure lever that opens for easy length adjustment or feather change. Once you achieve the ideal fit, simply close the lever to secure it in place. With a 100% carbon insert, the paddle ensures smooth adjustment without unnecessary weight.

From £186.73 inc. VAT

Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Versa-Lok

The Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Versa-Lok paddle features their most favored blade design for calm waters. The Sting Ray Hybrid provides a snug, precision fit and dependable performance, along with a high-quality adjustable length ferrule.

From £186.73 inc. VAT
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