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Crewsaver Petfloat

The Crewsaver Pet Float is the perfect answer for those of you who wish to take your 4 legged friends on your summer adventures. This Pet buoyancy aid is available in 5 sizes so you can get a perfect fit. It fits snugly to the body of the animal and then secures with 2 straps to keep it firmly in place. It then has a lifting handle on the top of the buoyancy aid so you can lift your chosen animal on and off your boat with ease.

From £49.27 ex. VAT

Crewsaver Spiral B/Aid

The Crewsaver Spiral is a Childs Life Jacket that is rated to 100N. It is perfect for babies and children who are going on Watersports adventures, whether it be sailing, power boating, sit on top kayaking or Canadian Canoeing. Access to this kids life jacket is through a front access zip, an adjustable chest belt then backs up the zip. There is also a large collar, which offers support to the head and neck.

From £45.48 ex. VAT

Crewsaver Spiral Lifejacket

The Crewsaver Spiral is a child's life jacket with a 100N rating, ideal for young adventurers engaging in watersports like sailing, power boating, sit-on-top kayaking, or Canadian canoeing. Crafted as a foam life jacket, it features a front access zip for easy entry, complemented by an adjustable chest belt securing the zip. The inclusion of a sizeable collar provides additional head and neck support for enhanced safety.

From £45.48 ex. VAT

Jobe Dog Leash


Who lets the dogs… in the water? You will have the coolest dog on earth with this leash disguised as a water ski handle.

£14.99 ex. VAT £10.79 ex. VAT

Jobe Pet Vest

The Jobe Pet Vest is a comfortable, strong and bright nylon pet vest that is perfect as flotation aid. Comes with a zipper on the back and a handle to easily pull your pet from the water if or when needed. It also has a reflective panel for increased visibility of your pet in bad light conditions.

From £20.42 ex. VAT

Kokatat ISO Hustle Life Vest


The Kokatat Hustle Life Vest is a great option for taking your first steps into whitewater kayaking. It features an over the head design which also incorporates a 3d cut. The cut then offers plenty of freedom with the best levels of manoeuvrability. This helps to ensure you can make all the extreme moves required. There are three sets of side compression straps and also adjustable shoulder straps. Combined, the offers a snug and secure fit. The front of the PFD has a large pocket which is easily accessed via a zip.

£94.73 ex. VAT £58.25 ex. VAT

Kokatat ISO HustleR Life Vest

The Kokatat ISO HustleR Life Vest is a low-profile rescue vest that's been designed with all the features necessary for use by veteran paddlers and guides. This is the go-to vest for white water and swift water rescue, equipped with a quick-release chest harness and a breakaway D-ring attachment for use with a standard cow tail or touring tow tether. This vest will stand the test of time, utilizing the most durable fabrics and components available.

From £116.63 ex. VAT

Palm Ace PFD

The Palm Ace PFD is a low profile, kayak slalom buoyancy aid that features an over the head design. The Ace PFD has been cut to give the best levels of freedom and there are 3 points of adjustment. The first being the 3d anti slip waist band, the second being the side compression straps and the final point of adjustment are the shoulders. This PFD has a lightweight 300D polyester outer fabric and a blended PVC / EPE foam inner. It also has a very small slimline pocket for basic levels of storage.

From £43.48 ex. VAT

Palm Dragon PFD

The Palm Dragon is a basic entry level buoyancy aid that is ideal for use in Dragon Boat Racing, however due to its simple and effective design it would also be ideal for use in other watersports like a charity raft race, SUP or sailing. The Dragon features a basic polyester construction with layered foam and has lots of adjustment for a great fit. There are two sets of side compression straps and also adjustable padded shoulders with reflective detailing for enhanced visibility at night.

From £28.74 ex. VAT

Palm Extrem PFD

The Palm Extrem is a high performance PFD for whitewater kayaking, designed to offer the highest levels of safety and performance. The Extrem PFD features a front opening design that's easy to get on and off. This is secured by four main buckles and also the chest harness system. The Extrem has 4 main points of adjustment, plenty of storage and a chest harness that's ideal for extreme rescue situations.

From £168.78 ex. VAT

Palm Extrem Women's PFD

The Palm Extrem Women's PFD is possibly the number one choice for the female whitewater kayakers out there. There has been no compromise in the design of this PFD, it has been built to the highest possible standards for safety and performance. It benefits from having a front-opening design, multiple points of adjustment and a selection of different sized pockets to store your safety kit and essentials.

From £168.78 ex. VAT



From £74.92 ex. VAT

Palm FXr PFD

The Palm FXr P is a great PFD to consider if you're looking to step up your kayaking game, it has a wide range of features that ensure optimum safety and comfort on the water. The FXr has a clean exterior and the shoulder straps have been made with aircraft grade aluminium hardware. It also benefits from a utility-draw front pocket and a UCLan adjustable safety harness.

From £124.56 ex. VAT

Palm Glide PFD

The Palm Glide is an inflatable PFD that's stored in a bumbag. In the event that you need to use it, you simply just remove it, slide it over the head and inflate it. When it comes to inflating, there are two options; you either use the pull tab to activate the CO2 cylinder for gas inflation or use the manual air tube and blow it up yourself. It offers 100N of buoyancy so you will float well in the water and the bumbag also has a small front pocket for storage.

From £73.70 ex. VAT

Palm Hydration Bladder


The Palm Hydration Bladder is made to fit the Palm Hydration Pouch or any of their hydration system ready PFDs. Helping you stay hydrated on the water!

£16.67 ex. VAT £14.74 ex. VAT

Palm Hydro PFD

The Palm Hydro PFD is the updated Hydro Adventure with a slight redesign that offers better functionality to Palm's classic fishing touring and canoe buoyancy jacket. The Hydro features the Palm 3D waist cut, a number of different tensioning points and a 25mm waist belt to keep it secure and anchored below the chest. The rear pocket is perfect for a hydration bladder and there are several other handy pockets for items such as a whistle or VHF radio.

From £73.70 ex. VAT