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T Track Adapters

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Eckla Aero Bar Adapter


The Eckla aero bar adapter is supplied as a pair, they are designed to work with the Thule WingBar, ProBar, SlideBar and also the Zoelzer Rapid Bar. They will easily slide into the t-track system and then allow water sports racks to be fitted to the cross bars. These T-track adapters will work with rack systems such as the Eckla Uprights, Eckla J Bars, Palm Upright bars and also the Palm J Bars. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a pair These work well with: - Eckla Uprights - Eckla J Bars - Eckla Split V Bars - Palm Upright bars - Palm J Bars These will fit - Thule WingBar - Thule ProBar - Thule SlideBar - Zoelzer Rapid Bars -------------------- Length - 10cm Width - 4cm Depth - 3cm --------------------

£11.99 inc. VAT £11.14 inc. VAT

Eckla Widebar Adaptors


The Eckla Widebar Adaptors help fit roofrack accessories - such as uprights - to a roofbar. The widebar adaptor will fit box section or ovaled bars, and will fit bars a maximum of 90mm wide and 45mm high.Max Bar dimensions: Width - 90mm Height - 45mm

£34.99 inc. VAT £32.51 inc. VAT