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Beal Twist'Air B


The Beal Twist'Air B Pulley is a Compact aluminium swivel with ball bearings to optimise performance even when loaded. It has a ball bearing for efficient operation even under load and has an individual number which guarantees its traceability.

£47.99 inc. VAT £42.42 inc. VAT

Petzl Swivel

The Petzl Swivel is a sealed ball bearing swivel for suspending loads. It prevents twisting your rigging when the load rotates and the sealed ball bearings offer excellent performance and reliability. The small size is designed for 1 person, the large for 2 people.

From £56.81 inc. VAT

Petzl Micro Swivel


The Micro Swivel is a compact swivel with a gate allowing a semi-permanent attachment to lanyards, shock absorbers, haul lines, and other devices. The closed end of the swivel is designed for locking carabiners. While the swivel is loaded it stops rotation of the attached device, yet spins freely when not loaded.

£57.60 inc. VAT £51.17 inc. VAT

Petzl Swivel Open


The Petzl Swivel Open provides both direct attachment as well as reduces twist and tangling of ropes and lanyards. The gates located on both sides of the swivel have a large opening, allowing the installation of a range of lanyards, fixed rope terminations, and fixed metal attachment points. The rotation of the swivel is aided with the maintenance free sealed ball bearings.

£80.40 inc. VAT £71.42 inc. VAT