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Beal Pro Canyon 10.3mm

The Beal Pro Canyon 10.3mm is a specially crafted rope tailored for canyoning groups and clubs. Expertly designed for canyoneering enthusiasts and constructed from 100% pre-shrunk polyamide thread, it boasts exceptional flexibility among its numerous qualities. Rely on its water-resistant properties and vibrant orange hue, making it the preferred choice for your canyoneering expeditions.

From £99.10 inc. VAT

Edelrid Pintail 10.0mm

The Edelrid Pintail 10.0mm features a polyester sheath and construction, which guarantees exceptional abrasion resistance without compromising handling. This rope maintains its suppleness even after prolonged and frequent abseiling manoeuvres, ensuring a smooth and unrestricted user experience. Its slightly larger diameter and user-friendly sheath structure make it an excellent choice for introducing guided tour participants to the captivating realm of canyoning.

From £88.60 inc. VAT

Edelrid Pintail Lite 9.0mm

The Edelrid Pintail Lite 9.0mm stands out as a highly durable canyoning rope featuring a twisted polyester sheath, maximising resistance against abrasion. This rope maintains its flexibility even under rigorous use and through numerous wet-dry cycles. Its neon-yellow colour scheme guarantees excellent visibility in all conditions. Geared towards those who prefer a lightweight and flexible approach, the Pintail Lite, with its small diameter, is ideal for individuals seeking agility and versatility.

From £74.42 inc. VAT