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Handles and Bars

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Dagger Aluminium Grab Handle


The Dagger Aluminium Grab Handle is the perfect way to add a new kayak handle to your chosen craft. This is mainly designed to work on Dagger Kayaks, however as long as the distance between the mounting points are the same it should work.

£11.00 inc. VAT £10.27 inc. VAT

Dagger Aluminium Security Bar


£7.00 inc. VAT £6.53 inc. VAT

Pyranha Aluminium Handle with Fittings


The Pyranha Aluminium Handle, comes complete with the fittings required to secure it to your chosen kayak. This is the most superior kayak grab handle available, with the highest standards of construction. This is made by no other than DMM Climbing based in Llanberis, North Wales.

£29.95 inc. VAT £28.13 inc. VAT

Pyranha Connect Webbing Handle With Fixings


The Pyranha Kayak grab handles are ideal for white water kayaks. They will also suit any other kayak you can fit them on. They are supplied as an individual unit and come with all the fittings required.

£23.50 inc. VAT £22.07 inc. VAT

Pyranha Security Bar with Fittings


The Pyranha aluminium security bar helps to give the highest levels of safety as it gives a good tie in / anchor point on your white water kayak for that all essential rescue!

£27.50 inc. VAT £25.82 inc. VAT