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Touring (Single Seat)

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Tootega Prophecy 110 Standard

The Tootega Prophecy 110 is a versatile single sit-on-top kayak that offers comfort, performance and reasonable levels of speed. Whether you're exploring a calm local river or paddling a choppy coastal cove, this kayak is sure to bring a smile to your face. The Prophecy 110 boasts plenty of storage space, making it ideal for kayak camping or long day trips on the water. There's adjustable footrests that offer support and a comfy moulded-in seat, further comfort can be achieved by adding a padded kayak seat.

From £848.71 inc. VAT

Tootega Prophecy 135 Standard

The Tootega Prophecy 135 Standard is a fast touring kayak that's perfect for exploring local coastlines. It offers plenty of storage, making it ideal for kayak camping and longer day trips on the water. It features a large cockpit with adjustable footrests for extra support and a padded seat for additional comfort. In front of the cockpit, there's also a large raised panel which is ideal for mounting items such as a GPS system or camera.

From £885.64 inc. VAT

Tootega Sector 110 Standard

The Tootega Sector 110 Standard is a versatile sit on top kayak with a stable and sea worthy hull design. The hull offers great tracking and levels of stability. Whilst the deck design incorporates several storage areas and a well laid out kayak cockpit. The deck design features a large front storage hatch, a good sized rear tank-well and a central kayak storage hatch.

From £756.42 inc. VAT

Tootega Sector 135 Standard

The Tootega Sector 135 Standard is a fast sit-on-top kayak that has plenty of carrying capacity. It is ideal for exploring your local inland water ways or for gentle paddles along the coast. The sector 135 features a large and comfortable cockpit design with a moulded seat, as well as a small storage hatch for items you need to keep close to hand. There's also a central console unit that's perfect for mounting items such as a GPS system or a camera unit.

From £793.33 inc. VAT

Wilderness Systems Tarpon E 120

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon E 120 is a fast sit-on-top kayak that's perfect for longer kayaking trips. This touring kayak is perfect for exploring your local river or for where you want to cover longer distances, maybe even an overnight kayaking trip. Wilderness Systems originally designed and manufactured the Tarpon 120 in the USA, however it is now one of several British made sit-on-top kayaks that are produced by Palm Equipment.

From £926.22 inc. VAT

Tootega Prophecy 110 Huntsman

The Tootega Prophecy 110 Huntsman is a single sit-on-top fishing kayak that offers comfort and versatility. It offers generous legroom, easy to adjust footrests and a comfortable seating position, as well as plenty of storage options. There's 2 hatches (6" and 8"), fishing rod holders and a large rear tank well with bungee cords that's perfect for storing a drybag.

From £885.64 inc. VAT

Tootega Sector 110 Huntsman

The Tootega Sector 110 Hunstman is a sit-on-top fishing kayak that's ideal for inland water ways, lakes and sheltered bays. While not as fast as some of the longer Tootega models, it does offer great stability and is perfect for kayak fishing closer to shore. There's plenty of storage and a great cockpit layout that features moulded-in footrests, a large centre console for adding a GPS system or an additional rod holder and also a deep seat pan for comfort, this kayak also comes fitted with a paddled kayak seat.

From £821.03 inc. VAT

Tootega Sector 135 Huntsman

The Tootega Sector 135 Huntsman is a graceful touring kayak that glides through the water effortlessly. The Sector 135 Huntsman is perfect for multi-day touring or coastal exploration thanks to it's generous length and leading amounts of storage space. This kayak will transport you and all your gear onto your next adventure - wherever that may be.

From £857.95 inc. VAT