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Beal Combi Pro

The Beal Combi Pro is a professional bag that uses their quick release concept. The bag folds out flat when opened so you can see each piece of equipment with ease. Inside, the bag is divided into compartments to help organise your gear and its integrated rope bag contains a large ground sheet so you can use your rope without the risk of it getting tangled.

From £106.09 ex. VAT

Lyon Big Fat Bag


The Lyon Big Fat Bag is a heavy duty beast of a bag, Handmade using tough PVC material and reinforced around its base it is a taller version of the Fat Bag, able to carry 120 metres of rope securely within its 32 litre body.

£63.33 ex. VAT £56.80 ex. VAT

Lyon Essentials Bag

The Lyon Essentials Bag is a waterproof bag that can contain personal kit and hardware, plus rope. These bags are suitable for a range of tasks on the worksite and comes in various sizes.

From £36.62 ex. VAT

Lyon Fat Bag

The Fat Bag is a shorter, rounder bag that is easier to fill than a traditional cylindrical design. It is ideal for transporting bulkier items, Daren Drums or older, stiffer ropes that do not pack so neatly.

From £52.32 ex. VAT

Lyon Gear Loops

For velcroing inside the Modular First Responder Bag.

From £16.44 ex. VAT

Petzl Bucket 15

The Petzl Bucket 15 is a small-capacity, freestanding rope bag that allows you to store up to 45 metres of 11mm diameter rope. This s a simple but durable bag that remains upright and keeps its shape, even when empty. It also has an exterior pocket to store personal items and a marking area to quickly identify the contents of the bag. Its construction of TPU tarp material allows regular to intensive use. Available in three colors: yellow, red, and black.

From £31.15 ex. VAT

Petzl Toolbag 6


The Petzl Toolbag 6 is a durable tool pouch that provides enough space for a large number of tools and is strong enough to be used on a daily basis without any worry about wear. It features an easy-to-use opening and closure system that can be used with just one hand. There's also the option to connect the bag to your harness, to reduce bulk and improve the accessibility of the pouch.

£32.00 ex. VAT £28.48 ex. VAT

Lyon Industrial Access Bag

The Lyon Industrial Access Bag is one or the larger bags in their range, with a 55l capacity that can hold well over 200 metres of 11mm rope. It has a rectangular shape that makes for efficient packing and also allows the bag to stand freely to maintain an open top for easier filling.

From £74.36 ex. VAT

Lyon Kit Bag - Belt Loop

The Lyon Kit Bags is harness mounted bag that enables high volume / low weight items to be carried close to hand. This tall, cylindrical shaped bag attaches using two webbing straps that pass around the harness belt and are secured in pre-fitted buckles.

From £38.48 ex. VAT

Lyon Kit Bag - Cordura


Durable 13 Litre Cordura Kit Bag with 2 adjustable belt straps, 2 plastic haul loops (these can also be used to connect tool lanyards to) and a drawcord closure. Ideal for use in rope access as a tool bag (big enough and deep enough for most tools).

£49.58 ex. VAT £44.47 ex. VAT

Beal Commande Bag


The Beal Commande bag is designed to hold small ropes and cords so has a small capacity. Made of resistant PVC, its bottom mesh helps gear dry. It also has an eyelet for attachment and a shoulder strap for carrying it.

£20.66 ex. VAT £18.27 ex. VAT

Beal Bucket Hat


Designed to protect items inside the Genuis Bucket Plus from bad weather, dust etc.Fitted using clips. Can be used with the Genuis Bucket Plus (also stocked on this website), and designed to protect the contents of the bucket from rain, sleet, other bad weather, dust etc... Also works well to keep the items held within the bag when transporting or hauling.

£14.74 ex. VAT £13.04 ex. VAT

Beal Genius Bucket


This 20L bucket is a bag to be used for carrying tools, drills, screwdrivers etc, with the added advantage of storing screws and fittings thanks to the 3 Genius clic clac pockets around the outside. Larger opening gives easy access to the bag, though made of a sturdy enough material that they wont fall out. Additional features include: water tight, clic clac closure system, reinforced base, rigid carrying handle.

£108.33 ex. VAT £95.77 ex. VAT

Beal Genius Bucket Plus


Rigid 20 litre bucket for power tools, screwdrivers, fixings etc. Gear loops on inside and outside of the bag can be used to attach CLIC CLAC pockets with other Beal products such as the Glass Bucket allowing for a personalised work space.

£60.41 ex. VAT £53.43 ex. VAT

Beal Genius Simple


The Beal Genius Simple is a small bag for small tools and fastenings. Can be clipped on to other Beal bags with the Clic Clac attachment point. Also has magnetic plate for quick accessible temporary storage of small metal tools.

£18.74 ex. VAT £16.58 ex. VAT

Beal Genius Triple


Consisting of three pockets this tool bag is a great way to organise smaller tools and fastenings. With the addition of two magnetic plates and three gear loops make it easy to access whatever you carry. Easy closure lids snap into place with just a light touch and will keep everything inside pockets whilst moving about. All compartments also have rigid openings for better handling.

£47.41 ex. VAT £41.93 ex. VAT
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