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Full Body Harness

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DMM Tom Kitten


The DMM Tom Kitten is a full body harness for children that has floating padding on the leg loops, slide lock buckles and a gear loop. Full body harnesses have a high tie-in point that is very useful as children often have a higher centre of gravity than adults.

£55.00 inc. VAT £48.74 inc. VAT

Edelrid Fraggle

The Edelrid Fraggle is a padded, full-body harness for young climbers and mountaineers up to 40kg in weight. It is easy to adjust to the correct size, thanks to the two Slide Block buckles and fixed leg loops make it even easier to put on! What makes the Fraggle truly special is that as the child gets bigger, the tie-in point moves and the harness “grows” as well.

From £53.16 inc. VAT

OCUN Doppler

The OCUN Doppler is a full body padded harness for kids. This harness is especially comfortable as it's constructed with PE foam, this ensures optimal softness and shape retention. This climbing harness is also equipped with four fully adjustable buckles and a gear loop.

From £63.25 inc. VAT



The OCUN Mojo is a full body harness with colour-coded tie-in loops centred in the middle of the body for extra safety and optimal distribution of pressure in case of fall. It's designed to fit little children's bodies and fully adjustable.

£59.95 inc. VAT £54.22 inc. VAT

Petzl 8003 Full Body

The Petzl 8003 Full Body is a great option for those who prefer a full body harness to protect against falls for all types of vertical recreational activities. This Petzl harness is designed for mountaineering, via ferrata and sport climbing.

From £89.12 inc. VAT

Petzl Ouistiti Full Body


The Petzl Ouistiti Full Body harness has been designed to be used by small children who may not have well-defined enough hip to latch onto a regular sit harness. The full body design of the Ouistiti is necessary to ensure the child's safety and is an ideal harness for sport climbing, via ferrata and even caving.

£62.00 inc. VAT £55.14 inc. VAT

Petzl Simba Climbing


The Petzl Simba Climbing harness is a durable, user-friendly full-body option designed specifically for children. Featuring colour-coded webbing and a rear buckle for easy donning, it prioritises safety with the FAST LT PIN-LOCK, accessible only to authorised users. The attachment point enhances comfort and minimises flipping risks. Its durability ensures longevity and low maintenance, while identification areas simplify equipment management. Available in a single size, it's an ideal choice for young climbers.

£72.00 inc. VAT £63.96 inc. VAT

Petzl Simba Full Body


The Petzl Simba Full Body Harness is designed for small children that do not have well-defined enough hips for a waist-belt to latch onto, the full body design is necessary for safety. The Petzl Simba harness is suitable for children from 5 to 10 years old, weighing less than 40kg. Designed for via ferrata and sport climbing the Simba harness is also good for caving and canyonning.

£53.00 inc. VAT £47.10 inc. VAT