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Beal Combi Pro

The Beal Combi Pro is a professional bag that uses their quick release concept. The bag folds out flat when opened so you can see each piece of equipment with ease. Inside, the bag is divided into compartments to help organise your gear and its integrated rope bag contains a large ground sheet so you can use your rope without the risk of it getting tangled.

From £106.09 ex. VAT

Beal Rope Tech Gloves


The Beal Rope Tech Gloves are made with a tough leather palm with a stretchy, breathable top that allows air through to provide comfort. These gloves have reinforcements in all of the right places like where the rope runs, while the finger gaps are designed with extra thin leather. The Beal Rope Tech are great for belaying.

£27.49 ex. VAT £25.26 ex. VAT

Edelrid Skinny Glove

The Edelrid Skinny Glove is ideal for belaying, aid climbing and via ferratas. They are working gloves made from thin calfskin and have been reinforced at neuralgic points. The elasticated material on the back of the hand and cuff enables an optimum fit. The cuff can be adjusted using the VCR strap.

From £25.55 ex. VAT

Kinetixx By W+R X-Roar Climb / Abseil Glove

The Kinetixx By W+R X-Roar Gloves are ideal for abseiling buildings or terrain and rope-work for search rescue operations. With special reinforcements on the palm, back of hand and fingertips, these gloves highly abrasion resistant whilst remaining dextrous. They also incorporate memory foam to achieve a high level of shock absorption.

From £33.04 ex. VAT

Lyon Big Fat Bag


The Lyon Big Fat Bag is a heavy duty beast of a bag, Handmade using tough PVC material and reinforced around its base it is a taller version of the Fat Bag, able to carry 120 metres of rope securely within its 32 litre body.

£63.33 ex. VAT £56.80 ex. VAT

Lyon Essentials Bag

The Lyon Essentials Bag is a waterproof bag that can contain personal kit and hardware, plus rope. These bags are suitable for a range of tasks on the worksite and comes in various sizes.

From £36.62 ex. VAT

Lyon Fat Bag

The Fat Bag is a shorter, rounder bag that is easier to fill than a traditional cylindrical design. It is ideal for transporting bulkier items, Daren Drums or older, stiffer ropes that do not pack so neatly.

From £52.32 ex. VAT

Lyon Gear Loops

For velcroing inside the Modular First Responder Bag.

From £16.44 ex. VAT

Metolius Belay Glove

The improved Metolius Belay Gloves are now made with a higher grade leather for better quality and durability, plus an updated pattern to ensure better fit. These gloves have a cowhide main body with triple-stitched, split cowhide palm reinforcement.

From £37.37 ex. VAT

Petzl Airline Throw-line

The Airline Throw-line has elements of flexibility and stiffness to allow for both a precise throw and to avoid knot formation. The Dyneema sheath offers abrasion resistance, and due to the sheath-core bond there is good rope glide through trees. The light weight of the throw-line means a heavy throw bag is not required, and the bright yellow offers great visibility.

From £36.93 ex. VAT

Petzl Bucket 15

The Petzl Bucket 15 is a small-capacity, freestanding rope bag that allows you to store up to 45 metres of 11mm diameter rope. This s a simple but durable bag that remains upright and keeps its shape, even when empty. It also has an exterior pocket to store personal items and a marking area to quickly identify the contents of the bag. Its construction of TPU tarp material allows regular to intensive use. Available in three colors: yellow, red, and black.

From £31.15 ex. VAT

Petzl Duo RL


The Petzl Duo RL is an ultra-powerful, waterproof, and rechargeable headlamp featuring REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology. 2800 lumens. The brightness level automatically adapts to the ambient light, optimising burn time and minimising manual operation, so you can push your limits with an abundance of light.

£623.75 ex. VAT £552.20 ex. VAT

Petzl Toolbag 6


The Petzl Toolbag 6 is a durable tool pouch that provides enough space for a large number of tools and is strong enough to be used on a daily basis without any worry about wear. It features an easy-to-use opening and closure system that can be used with just one hand. There's also the option to connect the bag to your harness, to reduce bulk and improve the accessibility of the pouch.

£32.00 ex. VAT £28.48 ex. VAT

Whitby Rescue Rope Cutter

The Whitby Rescue Rope Cutter is a protected blade that cuts through webbing and rope in an emergency.

From £8.87 ex. VAT

Petzl Pixa 3


The Petzl Pixa 3 is a rugged and versatile headlamp suitable for close range work, movement away from the job and longer range use too. It has 3 brightness modes of 30,40 and 50 lumens that give beam lengths of 15m (for 12 hrs), 30m (for 6hrs) and 55m (for 3 hrs) respectively.

£61.50 ex. VAT £54.45 ex. VAT

Beal Air Leash


The Air Leash Tool Carrier was designed to keep your tools attached throughout your operation. Its extendable spiral cord and tool holder head with keylock system are designed to connect them by cow hitch or choke knot. And even more practical, a ring allows the tool to be clipped onto the harness between uses.

£20.66 ex. VAT £18.27 ex. VAT
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