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Neoprene Skull Caps

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Palm Header Cap


The Palm Header Cap, a 1.5 mm neoprene skull cap that is perfect for wearing under your kayaking helmet. Whether you are ripping it up in your freestyle kayak, or whether you’re running a river on winter kayaking trips, this will help keep you warm. This kayaking skull cap also has a chin strap that will keep it down over your ears, thus will then also help to prevent getting surfers ear! The Header Cap has a 1.5mm neoprene construction which also incorporates titanium insulation for added warmth.

£17.00 inc. VAT £15.54 inc. VAT

Palm Pilot Cap


The Palm Pilot Cap, a 2mm neoprene skull cap thats great for winter kayaking trips, this will fit under the majority of kayaking helmets. Whether you are spending the day in your freestyle kayak pulling ends. Or whether are are river running on your local white water river, you will probabbly get your head wet; this kayaking skull cap is the answer to keeping your head warm! This neoprene skull cap incorporates a 2mm neoprene construction which also features a quick drying insulated liner for added warmth.

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.72 inc. VAT

Peak UK Headcase

The Peak UK Headcase, a winter kayaking that is available in three different sizes for the perfect fit. The Peak UK Headcase features a 1.5mm neoprene construction and it also is lined with a fine fleece for extra warmth. Around the edges, it incorporates a stretch binding so it will sit securely on the head. Due to it being so thin, it will also fit under your kayaking helmet to help prevent brain freeze when you capsize. A neoprene skull cap is always worth wearing whilst out on winter kayaking trips as it does also help to prevent things such as surfer’s ear.

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