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Black Diamond Miniwire Rackpack


The Black Diamond Miniwire Rackpack has been engineered for the light and fast climber that’s counting every gram, the MiniWire Rackpack features six of the lightest, fully-functional carabiners in the Black Diamond line-up. Each carabiner is colour-coded to match Black Diamond's Camalots for easy identification while racking.

£41.67 ex. VAT £37.44 ex. VAT

DMM Captive Eye

The DMM Captive Eye ensures that in real life situations the connector will never be cross loaded through misalignment. Whatever the captive eye is stitched or connected to it can move freely thanks to the circular hole. The hole can also accommodate a second connector should the need for a rescue point arise.

From £19.93 ex. VAT

DMM Phantom

The DMM Phantom is their ultimate trad and alpine screwgate Karabiner, and when you hold those 42 grams you will understand why! They claim they could have made it even lighter, but did not want to compromise the handling or strength. As you can see from the specification below the strength is still impressive and the gate opening reasonable for a small D shaped biner.

From £11.07 ex. VAT

DMM Phantom - 6 Pack


The DMM Phantom is a highly focussed lightweight climbing carabiner. Its I-Beam construction improves the strength to weight ratio, a minimised gate notch reduces snagging, and sound fundamental design encourages correct loading. The Phantom can be used on lightweight quickdraws, to rack gear, or to hold essentials like nut keys.

£41.66 ex. VAT £36.92 ex. VAT

DMM Revolver

The DMM Revolver is certified for use as both a karabiner and a pulley. It is the same as DMM's standard Revolver karabiner, but it features a locking gate which provides extra security. There is a small wheel in the rope location groove to reduce rope drag, allowing the rope to run more efficiently through the karabiner.

From £24.37 ex. VAT

DMM Revolver Wiregate

A revolution in more ways than one! The DMM Revolver wire gated karabiner features a small wheel in the rope location groove. The result is a reduction in rope drag of up to 30%, which can, in effect, reduce the weight of your rope. A Revolver on your rack lets you reduce rope drag and make efficient mechanical advantage systems without the need for additional devices.

From £22.15 ex. VAT

DMM Shadow

The DMM Shadow is a D shaped karabiner featuring an anti-snag keylock nose, is easy to handle, and light and strong thanks to its I-Beam technology. It is great for racking, rigging and rope-work. The DMM Shadow carabiner is a high-performance climbing accessory that combines strength, versatility, and reliability.

From £12.55 ex. VAT

DMM Shadow Bent Gate


The DMM Shadow Bent Gate is a bent gate aluminium alloy carabiner, perfect for rope side of quickdraws or racking gear. the I beam construction gives full strength but a reduced weight, making the Shadow a lightweight, full-sized carabiner. It also features a snag free keylock nose.

£9.58 ex. VAT £8.49 ex. VAT

DMM Shadow Colour - 3 Pack

DMM have taken their best loved Shadow karabiners and coloured them in! This is to reduce confusion on the rock and simplify systems, plus it adds some razzle dazzle to your rack! Each karabiner looks very different, even in poor lighting - making it easier to distinguish what is what. These are suited for climbers of all abilities, who want easy identification of kit.

From £31.75 ex. VAT

DMM Shadow Straight Gate


The DMM Shadow Straight Gate is a lighter-weight, yet still large enough carabiner that it can be used as a crossover for both sport and trad quickdraws. Where the Shadow would rest on a bolt, the metal has been reinforced to provide durability, and a clean nose reduces snagging when clipping and stripping routes. The gate has chamfered sides to make gripping it with the thumb easier, and the size makes for easier clipping in comparison to the much smaller lightweight carabiners.

£9.58 ex. VAT £8.49 ex. VAT

DMM Spectre

The DMM Spectre wiregate karabiner features I-Beam construction for reduced weight, a shrouded nose for added security, and generous rope radii for smooth rope running and softer catches in a fall. Versatility and a broad feature set make the Spectre an ideal starting point for a climbing rack.

From £6.11 ex. VAT

DMM Spectre - 6 Pack


The DMM Spectre is the ideal carabiner for racking out your cams and hexes, they're colour coded to match the DMM Dragon Cams and Torque Nuts. They also work well as quickdraws for trad climbing. Simply put, if you’re a trad climber, a Spectre on your rack is ideal.

£37.49 ex. VAT £33.23 ex. VAT

DMM Zodiac 12mm Keylock

The Zodiac 12mm Keylock is DMM's flagship rigging karabiner. It's extremely strong and therefore suited to heavy use situations like heavy duty rigging, rescue loads and group instruction, where toughness and strength are key. The clean nose gate uses DMM's patented Taperlock design and their toughest barrel to give very strong gate open and side face strengths.

From £14.03 ex. VAT

DMM Zodiac 12mm Keylock with Captive Bar

The DMM Zodiac Karabiners are offset D connectors with an incredibly strong 32kN major axis, making them ideal for rescue loads and heavy rigging. The clean nose gate uses DMM's patented Taperlock design and their toughest barrel, giving very strong gate open and side face strengths. Can be used for general use where weight saving and high strength are important.

From £17.36 ex. VAT

Edelrid Bulletproof Straight


The Edelrid Bulletproof Straight karabiner is the answer to all your wearing kit issues. The hybrid system with a steel insert reduces burrs, wear and sharp edges developing on the apex of the carabiner whilst the aluminium body keeps the weight down. Perfect for anybody out clipping chains regularly or the super safety conscious.

£11.67 ex. VAT £10.27 ex. VAT

Edelrid Pure Screw

The Edelrid Pure Screw is a small and robust screwgate karabiner with a keylock closure. It is universally suitable for a wide range of applications. The special geometry of the nose combined with the keylock closure ensures optimal handling when hooking and unhooking. The large rope contact area reduces material wear, and its high open strength is an additional safety feature.

From £8.86 ex. VAT