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Up and Under outdoor gear in Cardiff specialize in Tents, sleeping bags, camping mats and stoves for car camping, lightweight backpacking, mountaineering, mountain marathons and expeditions. You'll find everything that you need here, just dive on in.

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Aeropress Aeropress Filters


The humble but crucial paper filter. Aeropress paper filters ensure every cup you brew with your AeroPress is both clean and full bodied. This pack of 350 extra filters will keep you pressing to perfection for months.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.24 ex. VAT

Aeropress Coffee Maker


The Aeropress Coffee Maker uses gentle air pressure to create a smooth, rich flavoured cup of coffee, without the acidity and bitterness of an instant brew. It's super easy to use and its modular build fits snugly inside itself, so you can keep it at the bottom of your pack ready for the next morning and watch the sunrise with a nice, fresh brew!

£33.33 ex. VAT £29.70 ex. VAT

Aeropress GO Travel Coffee Maker


The AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker allows adventurous coffee lovers to conveniently brew great tasting coffee wherever they may be. Specifically engineered to fuel an active lifestyle, this coffee maker can brew anything from espresso to a cold-style brew whether you're camping, boating or even just at work.

£33.33 ex. VAT £29.70 ex. VAT

Aeropress Tote Bag


The Aeropress Tote Bag is a handy travel bag to keep all your AeroPress parts together, so you can enjoy the perfect brew on the go. Ideal for when you want to take your Aeropress away with you, this neat little Tote Bag is just the right size to hold all of your Aeropress parts.

£7.49 ex. VAT £6.68 ex. VAT

Bird Brand Methylated Spirit

Bird Brand Methylated Spirit is a general purpose alcohol for use as a stove fuel, cleaner and and thinner of French polish.

From £1.43 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Apollo


The Black Diamond Apollo Lantern provides 225 lumens of bright, glare-free and fully adjustable light for your camp. Whether you're using it for bedtime reading, playing cards or lighting the dinner table, the Apollo can be placed just about anywhere to brighten your night. It runs on either its internal rechargeable lithium ion battery or standard alkaline batteries, the lantern also has the ability to charge handheld electronics via an external USB port.

£54.17 ex. VAT £48.26 ex. VAT

Black Diamond BD 1800 Battery and Charger


The new Black Diamond 1800 Rechargeable Battery and charger is the next evolution in modular rechargeable battery pack technology. Compatible with the Sprinter 500 and ReVolt 350, the BD 1800 rechargeable battery comes with a USB charger and is a 1800 mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable cell, giving you the freedom of reliable light you can use again and again while running, climbing and trekking in the mountains.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.56 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Moji Lantern


The Black Diamond Moji Lantern is a pocket-sized camping lantern that's bright, light and simple to use. Ideal for campsites, vehicles and table-top illumination, the Moji's streamlined design houses a frosted globe for even distribution of up to 100 lumens of light. There's a dimming switch for adjustable levels of brightness and a collapsible hook for the option to hang suspended in your tent. The lantern can be operated on standard alkaline batteries or rechargeable BD 1500 Li-ion batteries (purchased separately).

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.56 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Moji+ Lantern


Compact and lightweight, the Black Diamond Moji+ Lantern can go anywhere, from family camping trips to big wall adventures. Using our two-button interface with 150 lumens of solid or strobing white light, a full rainbow spectrum of colour, a relaxing campfire lighting mode and 4 magnets for quick, on the go attachment, the Moji + is the packable lantern to always keep with you.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.27 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Onsight 375 Headlamp


The Black Diamond Onsight 375 Headlamp has been purpose-built for climbers seeking additional climb time after the sun has set. Developed while night-climbing on the limestone walls of Mexico, the Onsight 375 has a dual-beam configuration which provides the two lighting modes that climbers need the most. The 'climbing mode' will illuminate holds directly in front of you and offers 300 lumens of wide and evenly dispersed light without glare, whilst the 'route-finder' mode uses a narrow, long-distance beam at 375 lumens so you can search for trails in the distance.

£50.00 ex. VAT £44.55 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Sprinter 500 Headlamp

The Black Diamond Sprinter 500 Headlamp is an ultra-thin and well balanced headlamp that's purpose-built to handle everything from early morning runs to all night mountain running adventures, and anything in between. The Sprinter now offers 500 lumens of light on its brightest setting, which is almost twice the amount of previous models, providing maximum power for runners on the move. It has dual-fuel compatibility so can be powered by either three AAA standard alkaline batteries or the included Black Diamond rechargeable BD 1800 Lithium-ion battery.

From £59.40 ex. VAT

Chia Charge Flapjack

The Chia Charge Flapjacks have been made to help you perform better whilst still tasting great. These bars are based around the use of chia seeds to supply you with energy and protein, for use for your regular exercise routine, training sessions or endurance events. Chia Charge bars don't shy from the use of brown sugar or golden syrup, as they understand the importance of carbs for endurance activities. They use basic kitchen cupboard ingredients to create great tasting sports nutrition snacks, to keep you performing well.

From £2.20 ex. VAT

Cocoon Ultra Lite Air Core Hood Camp Pillow

The Cocoon Ultra Lite Air Core Hood Camp Pillow is a super soft and compact inflatable pillow that's designed to fit inside any hooded sleeping bag or hammock. This ultra-lightweight camping pillow is both insulated, supportive and has an exchangeable air core underneath a layer of synthetic filling and a Microfiber/Nylon shell.

From £18.96 ex. VAT

Cocoon Ultra Lite Air Core Pillow


The Cocoon Ultra Lite Air Core Pillow is a compact travel pillow with an inflatable, exchangeable air core underneath a layer of synthetic filling and a microfibre/nylon shell. This pillow is the ultra-lightweight and optimised successor of the popular Cocoon Air-Core Pillow.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.10 ex. VAT

Cocoon Ultra Lite Air Core Travel Pillow


The Cocoon Ultra Lite Air Core Travel Pillow is an ultra-lightweight and compact travel pillow. It's the more optimised version of the popular Cocoon Air-Core Pillow. This version has an inflatable and exchangeable air core underneath a layer of synthetic filling and a microfibre/nylon shell.

£21.25 ex. VAT £18.96 ex. VAT

Crux Torpedo 500

The Crux Torpedo 500 is a waterproof sleeping bag that will make sure you sleep through the night on demanding trips. It uses the best quality, ethically sourced 850 fill down available to achieve superior warmth to weight ratio. This means that the bag is compressible and lightweight enough to carry in your pack on arduous climbs and trips. It has a comfort rating of 0C and lower limit of -6C (EN13537), meaning you can sleep in it anywhere, whether that be in a tent, snow hole, or ledge.

From £518.89 ex. VAT