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Beal Transf'air 2


The Beal Transf'air 2B pulley is a pulley designed for load deflection and hauling. Twin pulley with a mobile flange, it is perfectly adapted to ropes with large diameters, the mobility of the flanges facilitating the positioning of the pulley at any point on the rope.

£47.33 ex. VAT £41.86 ex. VAT

Beal Transf'air 2B


The Beal Transf'air 2B is a highly efficient double pulley with ball bearing mounted sheaves, the swivelling action of the side plates allows the pulley to be positioned anywhere along the rope. Ideal for intensive use with large diameters ropes.

£60.24 ex. VAT £53.28 ex. VAT

Beal Transf'air Fixe


The Beal Transf'air Fixe is compact and lightweight pulley with fixed side plates. It features a stainless steel axle and washer and the sheave is mounted onto a bronze collar to promote a good level of efficiency.

£19.58 ex. VAT £17.32 ex. VAT

Beal Transf'air Fixe B


The Beal Transf'air Fixe B is a pulley with fixed side plates and ball bearings for optimal efficiency. Its compact and lightweight nature make it easy to handle. Allows a pulley system to be set up by adding a component such as an ascender.

£37.33 ex. VAT £33.01 ex. VAT

Beal Transf'air Mini


The Beal Transf'air Mini is a compact and lightweight pulley with swivelling side plate. Stainless steel axle and washer. The sheave is mounted onto a bronze collar to promote a good level of efficiency.

£23.49 ex. VAT £20.78 ex. VAT

Beal Transf'air Twin B


The Beal Transf'air Twin B is a great tandem pulley that is suitable for use on ropes or wire cables. The ball bearings give a smooth and fast ride, making it ideal for use as a zip line pulley. Beal has designed this tandem pulley to have a fixed side design, the fixed sides incorporate large mounting eyelets that can easily accommodate 3 karabiners.

£54.49 ex. VAT £48.19 ex. VAT

Heightec Aluminium Rescue Pulley


The Heightec Aluminium Rescue Pulley is a lightweight, compact swing cheek pulley for general or personal use. It features anodised aluminium alloy side plates for corrosion resistance and a nylon pulley wheel. Suitable for use with 13mm diametre or smaller rope.

£39.00 ex. VAT £34.71 ex. VAT

ISC Aluminium Prussik Pulley

The ISC Aluminium Prussik Pulley (13mm) with roller bearings is ideal for low loads at high speeds and has tamper-proof rivets, in compliance with CE EN12278 (2007) & NFPA (1983)*.

From £31.75 ex. VAT

ISC Fixed Wheel Single Prussik Pulley


The ISC Fixed Wheel Single Prussik Pulley is a medium single prussik pulley with a fixed wheel in stainless steel. Can be used as a shear reduction pulley – Now CE Approved.

£74.99 ex. VAT

ISC Long Prussik Pulley with Fixed Wheel


The RP029 ISC Long Prussik Pulley with Fixed Wheel is the first and only CE Approved Stainless Steel Shear Reduction Block! The RP029 Shear Reduction Pulley is made from Stainless Steel and fitted with a top bollard attachment point. The wheel of this pulley does not rotate, giving maximum friction. 

£74.99 ex. VAT

ISC Stainless Steel Prussik Pulley

The ISC Stainless Steel Prussik Pulley is a medium pulley that's compatible with 16mm lines. It features a polished stainless steel body with anodised aluminium pulley wheels.

From £37.31 ex. VAT

ISC Tandem Pulley

The ISC Tandem Pulley is an affordable pulley with a mid-sized trolley that uses state of the art engineering techniques to ensure that the trolley will run and run! These Tandems are fitted with rubber sealed, deep groove bearings for optimal performance and a lifespan of several thousand miles/km. The side plates are made from Aerospace Grade 7075 Aluminium, to minimise flex.

From £119.16 ex. VAT

Lyon Frixion SRB


The Lyon Frixion SRB is a heavy-duty shear reduction block which offers greater friction than a conventional pulley, reducing the risk of uncontrolled descents. It is ideal for use in high ropes courses, climbing walls and for top rope belaying.

£104.46 ex. VAT £93.69 ex. VAT

Petzl Jag System

The Petzl Jag System is an enclosed 4:1 progress capture pulley system that can be used for hauling, tensioning a system, pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or evacuating a victim when paired with an I'D Descender. The Jag and Jag Traxion that create the system utilise sealed ball bearings to increase efficiency up to 91%, which with the 4:1 mechanical advantage, enable easier work to be done by the user.

From £157.95 ex. VAT

Petzl Jag Traxion


The Jag Traxion is a progress capture double rope pulley that can be used in haul systems to provide mechanical advantage. Petzl have designed this Traxion specifically to work alongside the Jag double rope pulley so a 4:1 haul system can be created. Sealed ball bearing massively reduce friction, reducing the effort required when moving a load.

£88.33 ex. VAT £78.56 ex. VAT

Petzl Mini


The lightweight Mini Prussik pulley can handle big loads but is small enough to take almost anywhere or be carried on the harness. The Mini features special side plates which are designed for use with a Prussik friction hitch in lightweight progress capture systems. The aluminium sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings which provides excellent efficiency.

£40.00 ex. VAT £35.57 ex. VAT
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