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Hangboards and Finger Care

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Beal Warm Up Putty

Great for warming up the fingers before climbing and strengthening finger and arm muscles at your desk or in front of the TV - You can use this anywhere! Each 56g jar comes complete with resealable screw top jar and 12 suggested exercises.

From £12.55 inc. VAT

Beastmaker Beastmaker 1000 Series


Beastmaker the beast - sorry best finger boards available. Developed by top UK climbers and training gurus Dan Varian and Ned Feehally these wooden boards are fully made in the UK from sustainable product and provide ergonomic holds designed to be kind to your skin and avoid injuries.

£95.00 inc. VAT £89.62 inc. VAT

Beastmaker Beastmaker 2000 Series


The Beastmaker 2000 is a hangboard for training hardened climbers and has been designed with the input of some of the leading lights of UK climbing. This wooden fingerboard will test the limit of finger strength and will help you achieve your high grade goals. The aim of the board is to specifically target your weaknesses (come on you must have some) and get stronger, comfortably and safely.

£95.00 inc. VAT £89.62 inc. VAT

Beta Climbing Designs Dream Tape


The Beta Climbing Designs Dream Tape dream Tape (formerly known as Strappal Sport Tape) is non stretch strapping tape primarily used by climbers to support finger tendons and pulleys (2.5cm) or as protective hand strapping for jamming. The 4cm x 10m tape is best used on the hand for gnarly hand jamming protection.

£8.00 inc. VAT £7.13 inc. VAT

Beyond Hope Ltd. Climbers Therapy Band

This is popularly used as a warm up and warm down tool to start/ finish off your climbing sessions. By completing the many various different exercises with this rubber band you can train and strengthen your antagonistic muscles for climbing and bouldering, this means you are less likely to get injured. It also can complement your other muscles in your body helping to make you a better and stronger climber. Also popular for rehab use when a particular muscle or part of your body is injured.

From £5.83 inc. VAT

Boot Bananas Powerfingers


The Boot Bananas Powerfingers are a great warm up tool for before you set off to climb, can also be used a rehab tool and prevent injury. By simply flexing and extanding your fingers in this handy tool you can strengthen your finger muscles, therefore reducing the risk of injury. Alternatively, if you have any niggles, this can sort them out by strengthening the weaker extensors at the back of the forearm. Can be used to try and prevent, cure and manage elbow tendonitis.

£27.50 inc. VAT £24.48 inc. VAT

Boreal Foam Gripper


The Boreal Foam Gripper is great for strengthening fingers when you’re not at the gym or out climbing. Also ideal for warming up fingers before a climb. With ergonomic shape that fits the hand.

£4.00 inc. VAT £3.56 inc. VAT

Crux Climb Sandpaper Pack

The Crux Climb Sandpaper Pack is a refill pack of sandpaper for your Taco skin file. They are available in two different intensities of 150 grit (soft) and 100 grit (hard), so you can choose according to your type of skin. The two types can also be divided if you wish to use two different intensities combined within the same Taco file.

From £2.81 inc. VAT

Crux Climb Taco Skin File

The Crux Climb Taco Skin File is a callus file that's been designed for use by climbers and athletes who seek to improve their performance and extend the length of training sessions. Its ergonomic shape allows for faster and more precise care, whilst it also has a natural pincer grip. This handy tool has been designed to fit every shape and fold of your hands and feet, allowing you to file where other files can't.

From £8.20 inc. VAT

Dark Ventures Finger Resistance Band

The Dark Ventures Finger Resistance Bands are great for strengthening forearm extensors as an antagonistic exercise for climbers. They are available in three different strengths of soft, medium and hard.

From £2.78 inc. VAT

EB Pro Tape

The EB Pro Tape is sold in rolls of 3.8cm X 10m and it's easily tearable to adapt to the width of the phalanx. Available in 4 colours, red, white, black and blue for more fun on the cliffs.

From £5.39 inc. VAT

Lapis RollyBall

The Lapis RollyBall is the perfect edition to any home training system. These spherical balls are designed to train you pinch grip strength, and also provide a good upper body work-out. The lapis balls have potential to turn you into a climbing beast! The Lapis Rollyball should be suspended in the air to get the most out of your work out. The price shown is for a pair of Lapis Rollyballs.

From £44.96 inc. VAT

Lordies Climbing Cragmaster Portable Hangboard


Portable hangboard made from hardwood.

£64.99 inc. VAT

Lordies Climbing Training Porta-Edge


Climbing finger board made from hardwood.

£34.99 inc. VAT

Metolius Finger Tape - Thin

The Metolius Finger Tape is a cotton polyester blend athletic tape with improved adhesive and fabric. Includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions. Be sure to check out the video below for instructions on taping for split finger tips.

From £5.39 inc. VAT

Metolius Foundry


The Metolius Foundry has been designed to improve your finger strength, you simply suspend the board in the air (either attach to door frame or other suitable area), and hang on the wide variety of holds. Finely textured so to not aggravate skin. Designed to arch, rather than hang flat to outward taper put your hands and joints in a natural position for greater comfort - reducing the possibility of injury.

£95.00 inc. VAT £85.20 inc. VAT