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Clean, Reproof and Repair

Clean, re-proof and care for your outdoor clothing

Warning! Household detergent may seriously impair the ability of your clothing to breathe and could damage your durable water repellancy!

All waterproof clothing will need to be reproofed over time, and all outdoor garments will need to be cleaned! How often will depend on their usage, materials and age. A good guide for waterproofs is if rain doesn't run off as well as it used to it's time to wash and reproof. Most outdoor clothing is designed to wick and breathe and so needs to be clean in order to function and even down needs to be clean in order to help trap warm air effectively.

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Grangers Active Wash


A high-performance wash-in cleaner designed to remove dirt, sweat and odours from all activewear. This wash-in cleaner is designed to finally get rid of those pesky lingering odours once and for all. Designed for all activewear and ideal for all materials such as Lycra, Cotton, Polyester and Merino wool, this product is the ideal friend for those of you who like to get sweaty.

£7.92 ex. VAT £7.05 ex. VAT

Grangers Clothing Repel


Grangers Clothing Repel is a wash-in solution crafted to renew the water-repellent coating on outdoor and technical clothing. When you're out adventuring, weather worries should be the last thing on your mind. Whether facing rain or shine, you can trust Clothing Repel to ensure your gear offers reliable protection against the elements. This PFC-free, bluesign® approved treatment is designed for durable waterproofing, keeping your gear dry and ready for any conditions.

£8.75 ex. VAT £7.68 ex. VAT

Grangers Down Care Kit


The Grangers Down Care Kit has everything needed to clean and reproof your down jacket, enabling you to stay warmer and dryer for longer. Taking care of your down is important, as if you don’t keep it clean and protected then it won’t perform as well, which is not what you wanted when you've invested your money in a technical jacket!

£14.17 ex. VAT £13.13 ex. VAT

Grangers Down Wash Kit


Often Down is hard to care for, creating confusion about washing, cleaning and drying... Not anymore! Normal washing detergents can often damaged or stain down products, but this kit ensures that won't happen. Provides complete protection for down filled clothing- removing dirt and odours without damaging the loft or jacket. Suitable for sleeping bags, clothing like jackets. The kit includes three re-useable drying balls to prevent clumping of down and improve the drying time.

£10.00 ex. VAT £9.27 ex. VAT

Grangers Performance Repel Plus


Performance Repel Plus is there to protect your gear against the elements by restoring the water-repellent finish found in all technical gear. It’s simple to use, harmless to the environment and your lungs, all you do is spray on, allow to dry and you’ll be fully protected outdoors once more.

£8.75 ex. VAT £7.68 ex. VAT

Grangers Performance Wash

The Grangers Performance Wash is most affective when paired with the Grangers Performance Repel. A great way to take care of your outdoor and technical clothing. Grangers Performance Wash is a gentle wash-in cleaner, free from the perfumes, optical brighteners and heavy cleaning agents found in regular laundry detergents.

From £5.38 ex. VAT

Grangers Performance Wash Concentrate


This concentrated wash-in cleaner ensures your waterproof and technical gear is clean and fresh, keeping you warm and dry for longer. New formula now offers 12 washes instead of 6 – doubling the life of the bottle!

£6.04 ex. VAT £5.38 ex. VAT

Grangers Wash and Repel


Perfect for outdoor performance clothing that is dirty or no longer waterproof. Formulated to clean and restore the water-repellency of all outdoor clothing. Requires heat activation, so ideally tumble dry after use. Read bottle and items of clothing for full washing directions. Suitable for Goretex and Event.

£9.96 ex. VAT £8.75 ex. VAT

Grangers Wash and Repel Clothing 2 in 1


The Grangers Wash and Repel Clothing 2 in 1 is a cleaner and reproofer for use on your outdoor clothing. It offers powerful cleaning and durable repellency whilst saving on water, energy and time. It’s important to take care of your gear but waterproofing dirty clothing just really doesn’t make sense. It won’t perform as well, it’ll affect breathability and it won’t look the part. This unique 2 in 1 formula from Grangers is a great solution to these problems!

£17.92 ex. VAT £15.73 ex. VAT

McNett Tenacious Tape Gore-Tex Fabric Patches


McNett's Gear Aid Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches is an easy-to-use pack containing two black patches which can used straight out of the box or can be cut to size. The patches are self-adhesive and once applied, the garment or piece of equipment can be used immediately.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.42 ex. VAT

Nikwax Down Proof


Nikwax Down Proof is a speciality, wash-in waterproofer that's been specifically deigned for use on down-filled insulation. Down Proof is easy to use in the washing machine or by hand and is PFC free. It will help protect the insulating properties of your down-filled clothing and sleeping bags, keeping your warmer and dryer for longer.

£6.66 ex. VAT £5.93 ex. VAT

Nikwax Down Wash Direct


Nikwax Down Wash Direct is a speciality cleaner designed to revitalise hydrophobic and regular down filled gear. Down Wash Direct prolongs the effective life of your down gear and is the safest way to thoroughly clean your down clothing and equipment. Application in a washing machine is quick, easy, and ensures that the whole item is thoroughly cleaned.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.19 ex. VAT

Nikwax Polar Proof


Nikwax Polar Proof has been specifically designed to waterproof and protect synthetic insulation and fleece garments. Polar Proof is easy to use either by hand or in your washing machine and is PFC free. It will add water repellency, enhance the properties and prolong the life of fleece fabrics. It leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibres, allowing moisture vapour to pass through, therefor maintaining breathability and optimizing performance in wet weather.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.19 ex. VAT

Nikwax Tech Wash

Nikwax Tech Wash is a market leading, non-detergent cleaner for use on outdoor clothing. It will revitalise the water repellency and breathability of your waterproof gear, fleece and under layers, keeping you warmer and drier for longer. Tech Wash can be used either by hand or in your washing machine and is recommended for use on Gore-Tex, Windstopper and all other waterproof and windproof technical gear.

From £1.49 ex. VAT

Nikwax Tech Wash / TX.Direct Twin Pack

The Nikwax Tech Wash / TX.Direct Twin Pack provides the complete care system for your technical outdoor gear. The pack contains two best-selling Nikwax products that in combination will thoroughly clean, enhance water repellency and revitalise the breathability of your kit. Both products are easy to use and PFC free.

From £7.41 ex. VAT

Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On


The Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On is a high-performance waterproofing spray that's been designed to enhance and revitalise the breathability of waterproof gear and wicking liners. TX.Direct Spray-On is ideal for use on clothing that has a fleece lining where you don't want the wash to get all over the inside. It is easy to apply by hand, non flammable, PFC and aerosol free.

£8.33 ex. VAT £7.41 ex. VAT