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Camelbak Big Bite Valve


The Camelbak Big Bite Valve is a simple bite and sip valve which is self sealing so no need to worry about leakages. Easy to use and can be operated hands-free, this is ideal for high performance situations.

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.17 inc. VAT

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Straw Set

Klean Kanteen developed the Stainless Steel 8mm Straw Sets as a reusable solution to disposable plastic straws and an ideal accessory for their Insulated Tumblers and Steel Pint Cups. Whether you're drinking smoothies, pressed juice or iced coffee, Klean Kanteen straws make sipping safe and easy. These straws are made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel with a safe, food grade, removable silicone flex tip. No more plastic – just your favourite drinks on the go.

From £5.52 inc. VAT

Klean Kanteen TKWide Straw Lid


The TKWide Straw Cap comes with a stainless steel and silicone straw that will fit any of our TKWide bottles. The included straw is a wider 10mm, perfect for smoothies and comes with cut-to-fit silicone extender allowing it to fit any size of our TKWide bottles. Silicone straw tip is safe, comfortable and all pieces are dishwasher safe.

£8.95 inc. VAT £8.29 inc. VAT

Klean Kanteen Tumbler Lid


Sure, it's fun to go topless now and then, but sometimes the weather, activity or company make it wise to cover up. This Lid helps keep your drink temperature in, and dust out. A convenient pull tab makes removing and cleaning the gasket a breeze. Works with the Steel Pint or Insulated Tumbler.

£7.50 inc. VAT £6.95 inc. VAT

Klean Kanteen Tumbler Straw Lid


Klean Kanteen developed the Straw Lid as the perfect accessory for our 16oz or 20oz Insulated Tumblers and Steel Pint Cups and to save the planet from plastic straw waste. Great for smoothies, pressed juice or iced coffee, the Straw Lid makes sipping safe, easy and spill resistant. Press fit Straw Lid is BPA-free and easy to clean with removable silicone gasket. A great solution to single use straws and easy hydration!

£7.50 inc. VAT £6.95 inc. VAT

Nalgene 1L Insulated Cover with Zip Top


Keep your cold water from turning tepid in hot weather, or from freezing in cold weather. The insulated cover fits your Outside Nalgene Wide-Mouth bottle perfectly, as well as other water bottles of a similar size. A zipped lid offers secure storage and a couple of stitched loops provide options for easy carrying or securing to a bag or harness.

£24.95 inc. VAT £21.22 inc. VAT

Nalgene Easy Sipper


These wee beasties sit in the mouthpiece of 1 litre Wide Mouth Nalgene bottles leaving just enough space to drink through without water gushing down your face. Invaluable.

£3.50 inc. VAT £2.96 inc. VAT

Ortlieb Drinking Tube


Perfect for anyone who loves completing outdoor activities. This enables you to connect your Ortlieb Water Bag, or other water bags/ vessels or a water belt, to your mouth and enables you to drink through a tube, without having to lift or undo a water bottle. Works similar to a Camelbak.

£15.50 inc. VAT £13.70 inc. VAT

Source Helix Valve


The Helix Valve provides full water flow with just a soft bite. The cylindrical shape requires no special mouth orientation. The retreat spring sealing mechanism is leakproof even after prolonged use and under pressure. The kit includes Helix Valve with dirt shield for protection of the valve from dust and dirt.

£13.00 inc. VAT £11.57 inc. VAT

Source Helix Valve Tube Kit

A complete replacement drinking tube and helix valve for your source hydration system. Fits all Source water bladders with the Source Quick Connect (SQC) and Quick Mate Technology (QMT).

From £15.12 inc. VAT

Source Magnetic Clip


This smart magnetic tube holder allows you to easily attach a Molle strap to your shirt or back pack, allowing you to drink through a tube when on long walks, hikes or running. Does not damage the shirt/ bag- very easy to use.

£13.00 inc. VAT £11.57 inc. VAT

Source Tube Brush Kit


The flexible tube brush is designed for easy, fast and thorough cleaning of your hydration system’s drinking tube. Cleans the drinking tube from any residue e.g. from heavily sweetened or isotonic drinks. This kit allows you to maintain and keep clean your drinking tube for hydration systems.

£16.99 inc. VAT £15.12 inc. VAT

Source Winter Tube Insulator


The Tube Insulator keeps the drinking tube and drinking valve of your Source Hydration Bladder insulated in extremely cold weather. The small pocket at the mouthpiece-end of the insulator is designed to hold a small hand-warmer device. Adding the hand-warmer prevents the drinking valve from freezing. Matches all Source Water Bladders.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.25 inc. VAT

Water-To-Go Go! Bottle Replacement Filter


Water-to-Go's patented 3-in-1 filter includes technology developed by NASA, which eliminates over 99% of all Bacteria, Viruses, Chlorine, Fluoride and Heavy Metals such as Lead leaving you with safe, healthy water from all non-salt water sources worldwide.

£10.00 inc. VAT £8.84 inc. VAT

Water-To-Go Pro Lid


This new Hygienic lid is easy to use while keeping the Spout clean and free from germs. Superior positive closure avoids leaks. Compatible with any Water to Go bottle why not upgrade your existing bottle to this new design!

£7.99 inc. VAT £7.18 inc. VAT

Water-To-Go Water To Go Bottle Replacement Filter


Pack of two filters for 75cl bottle. Created based on technology originally developed for NASA, this 3 in 1 filter fits the 75cl Water-to-Go water bottle and eliminates over 99.9% of all Bacteria, Viruses, Chlorine, Fluoride and Heavy Metals such as Lead leaving you with safe, healthy water. Filter is effective for 200l roughly 3 full bottles per day for 3 months.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.90 inc. VAT
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