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Jobe Leona 10.6


The Jobe Leona 10.6 iSUP package deal, a great first time stand up paddle board for new riders who are just starting off. This is an inflatable paddle board package and it comes with all you need to get out on the water. The iSUP package includes; the board, leash, fin, a 3 piece paddle, a double action pump and also a dry rucksack carry bag. The one additional item you may wish to think about is a PFD (Personal flotation device) / buoyancy aid. The Leona 10.6 paddle board will suit riders up to 120kg in weight.

£559.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Loa 11.6


The Jobe Loa 11.6, a high specification paddle board that is highly versatile. This inflatable paddle board is ideal for longer trips where the rider wants extra stability. However due to the longer than usual EVA deck pad, it is also perfect for use by parents with smaller children. The children can then either sit or lie own on the front of the board This is ideal for riders or combinations of riders up to 160kg

£769.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Mira 10.0


The Jobe Mira 10.0 package deal, a great option for new riders who ar just getting into stand up paddle boarding. This inflatable paddle board package comes complete with all you need to get out on the water. The only thing you may want to consider is a buoyancy aid. The MIra paddle board is suitable for riders up to 100kg in weight.

£499.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Mohaka 10.2

From £760.00 inc. VAT

Jobe Mohaka 10.2 with Sail


£1,219.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Yama 8.6


£449.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Yarra 10.6

The Jobe Yarra 10.6, an inflatable SUP board package. This Inflatable paddle board pack comes with all you need to get out on the water for the first time; all you need to do is maybe consider a buoyancy aid. This sup package deal features a high pressure board, 3 piece fiberglass sup paddle, a SUP leash, a SUP fin, a repair kit and also a waterproof rucksack carry bag. The board is easily inflated with the pump. The pump also incorporates a pressure gauge to ensure you get the correct pressure. This inflatable paddle board is ideal for riders up to 140kg in weight.

From £700.00 inc. VAT

Tiki All Rounder 10'2"

From £765.00 inc. VAT

Tiki Stowaway Classic 10'6"


£535.00 inc. VAT

Tiki Stowaway XL 10'10"


£540.00 inc. VAT