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Highlander Ayr Folding Chair


The Highlander Ayr Folding Chair is constructed from tough and extremely lightweight aluminium and is ideal for anyone who likes a bit of comfort but won't compromise on space or weight. With a mesh seat that encourages airflow and compact frame that packs away easily, the Ayr keeps you comfortable whether you are relaxing around the campsite or hiking with a full pack.

£41.66 ex. VAT £38.95 ex. VAT

Highlander Ayr Folding Table


The Highlander Ayr Table takes the phrase ‘less is more’ to the extreme. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, it weighs less than a bag of sugar and yet will support over 15kgs of weight. The roomy tabletop provides space for all adventure preparations or just chucking your book on before you climb into your sleeping bag.

£29.16 ex. VAT £27.26 ex. VAT

Highlander Ayr Folding Tripod Stool


A versatile outdoor essential, the Ayr Tripod Stool is a compact, ultralight seat to have with you for taking a break from any outdoor activitiy. The sturdy aluminium frame and rugged fabric means this seat is ready to handle any conditions and when you reready to move on, it folds down into it's own carry bag in seconds.

£16.66 ex. VAT £15.58 ex. VAT

Highlander Ayr Rest Chair


The Ayr Tall Camping Chair shows that saving weight doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, with a tall back panel and padded headrest that will help you to relax in minutes. When you have to move on, the chair packs away easily into a lightweight and compact carry bag that can be strapped to your pack or stowed on the train.

£49.99 ex. VAT £46.74 ex. VAT

Robens Traveler Chair


The Robens Traveler Seat is a quick easy solution for finding somewhere comfortable to sit down for a rest or a spot of lunch when on a walk. The 10mm foam is soft and waterproof with the small size making it a useful addition to tents and tarps.

£25.83 ex. VAT £23.66 ex. VAT

Vango Dune Chair

From £27.86 ex. VAT