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Dagger Katana Action

The Dagger Katana Action is a highly versatile crossover kayak that's available in two different sizes. There is a Katana 9.7 for the smaller paddlers, and the Katana 10.4 that's suitable for larger paddlers. This hybrid kayak features a versatile design that's suitable for most forms of kayaking, whether you're exploring a canal, bouncing down your local river of cruising around a lake. The Katana Action has a large, easy-access cockpit, a padded seat and adjustable backrestwhich provides comfort and support, further support and safety is achieved by the addition of the bulkhead footrest. The rear of the kayak features a retractable skeg for enhanced directional stability. It also incorporates a foam bulkhead and a rear storage hatch. This gives a great area for storage of essential items for your day’s adventures.

From £695.54 ex. VAT

Pyranha Fusion II Stout

The Pyranha Fusion II Stout is a highly versatile crossover kayak available in three sizes of Small, Medium and Large. It's perfect for exploring various waterways, from tranquil lakes and calm canals to easy whitewater rivers, the Fusion II offers an exhilarating yet comfortable paddling experience. Featuring a comfortable padded seat, adjustable thigh braces, and a full plate footrest, the cockpit ensures comfort and safety for paddlers of all levels. The rear of the kayak is equipped with a foam bulkhead and rear hatch, providing ample storage for gear and essentials.

From £707.48 ex. VAT

Pyranha Ion Stout

The Pyranha Ion Stout, offered in two sizes, is a versatile crossover kayak perfect for a range of waters, from calm canals to Grade 2 rivers and lakes. Its contemporary design incorporates a retractable skeg for superior speed and manoeuvrability. The kayak boasts a spacious, easy-to-access cockpit, moulded thigh braces for enhanced control, a padded seat for comfort, and adjustable pedal footrests and backrest for added support. With a rear hatch and bulkhead, ample space is provided for essentials, ensuring a delightful and comfortable paddling journey.

From £596.65 ex. VAT

Pyranha Fusion Duo Stout

Whether you're tandem sea kayaking, adventure touring with a partner or introducing a friend to whitewater, the Pyranha Fusion Duo Stout handles it all comfortably. Built on the same world-renowned performance as the Fusion, the Fusion Duo is versatile, accommodating various paddler combinations for an enjoyable experience, no matter the type of water you're navigating.

From £1,301.05 ex. VAT