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Australian Board Company Pulse Bodyboard

The Australian Board Company Pulse Bodyboard, a great entry level option that is perfect for starting out. This entry level bodyboard is available in 5 sizes for the perfect fit. This bodyboard features a good quality construction that incorporates an HDPE Slick Base, a high density foam core and is finished with a XPE Deck. This is a bodyboard that is designed to last and perform, it is not a one hit wonder to be left on the beach.

From £40.00 inc. VAT

Circle One Bodyboard Fins

The Circle One Bodyboard Fins will take your surfing to the next level. These surfing fins will help you catch the wave more quickly and also more easily. Once you have then ridden the wave, they will ensure you can get back out more quickly for the next set. They have got a soft and flexible sock for the foot, but this is blended with a stiffer blade for generating extra power. The top of the board find also incorporate a drain hole so they do not hold excessive levels of water.

From £40.99 inc. VAT

Circle One Bodyboard Travel Bag

The Circle One Bodyboard Travel Bag is the best way for transporting and protecting your boards. This Bodyboard Travel Bag will easily carry 3 boards, it also has a pocket on the front for other boadyboarding accessories such as fins. It has two different carrying methods, the rucksack shoulder straps on the rear of bag or the side carry handles. The boards are easy to get in and out due to the main compartment being secured with a zip, the same applies for the pocket also. (Bodyboards in the bag in Image 3 are not included!!)

From £32.99 inc. VAT

Circle One Xplosion Bodyboard

The Circle One Xplosion Bodyboard, a good quality mid range board thats perfect for new comers to the sport. This bodyboard comes in four different sizes for the perfect fit. The Xplosion bodyboard features a slick bottom, a EPS high density core and IXPE closed cell top skin. Simply this is a quality board that will last. There is no need to leave this behind after your day at the beach. It will last for a good period of time!

From £53.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Bodyboard Coiled Leash


This superior quality urethane coiled bodyboard leash features a 2/5.5 cm adjustable Velcro strap and double swivel.

£17.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Clapper Bodyboard

The Jobe Clapper, a bodyboard for intermadiate riders. This bodyboard is available in two sizes for a near perfect fit, the 39" for the smaller riders whilst the 42" will suit the larger riders. The Clapper Bodyboard features a foam core, a foam deck and a slick bottom. The slick bottom will give good levels of speed and with the addtional pre shaped water channels in the base, this will also go a bit faster! It also comes with a coiled leash, so that in the event you wipe out the board will stay atatched. This is not a use it once and leave it in the bin at the beach, this is a good quaity boadyboard that can be used time and time again. With this in mind, you may want to look at a Bodyboard Travelbag to protect it.

From £64.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Dipper Bodyboard

The Jobe Dipper Bodyboard is an entry level option that is available in three different sizes. The three sizes of 36", 39" and 42", will give a near perfect fit to the majority of riders. This is a great option for taking your first steps into bodyboarding. This bodyboard features a foam core, this is designed to last, this isn’t a use it once and bin it option! This also comes complete with a wrist leash, to prevent losing it in the surf. The bottom / back of the board is also curved to give a snugger fit, whilst the base of the board features a slick construction with integral water channels for enhanced performance.

From £49.99 inc. VAT
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