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Australian Board Company Pulse Bodyboard

The Australian Board Company Pulse Bodyboard is an excellent choice for those who are new to bodyboarding. It's the ideal entry-level bodyboard, and it comes in five different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. This bodyboard is crafted with top-notch construction, including an HDPE Slick Base, a high-density foam core, and a durable XPE Deck. It's built for lasting performance, so you won't find it abandoned on the beach after just one use.

From £34.99 ex. VAT

Circle One Bodyboard Fins

Elevate your surfing experience with Circle One Bodyboard Fins. These fins are designed to enhance your surfing performance, making wave-catching faster and easier. After riding a wave, they enable a quicker return for the next set. These fins feature a comfortable, flexible foot sock blended with a robust blade for added power generation.

From £34.16 ex. VAT

Circle One Bodyboard Travel Bag

The Circle One Bodyboard Travel Bag offers superior board transport and protection. With the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to three boards, it also includes a convenient front pocket for storing additional bodyboarding accessories like fins. You have two versatile carrying options: utilize the rucksack-style shoulder straps located at the bag's rear or the practical side carry handles. Both the boards and front pocket are easily accessible, ensuring effortless loading and unloading.

From £27.49 ex. VAT

Circle One Xplosion Bodyboard

The Circle One Xplosion Bodyboard is an excellent mid-range board, well-suited for beginners in the sport. It's available in four different sizes to ensure an ideal fit for you. The Xplosion boasts a slick bottom, an EPS high-density core, and an IXPE closed-cell top skin. In short, it's a durable and high-quality board built to endure. You won't need to part with it after your day at the beach; it's designed to last for an extended period!

From £46.66 ex. VAT

Jobe Clapper Bodyboard

The Jobe Clapper bodyboard is well-suited for both novice and intermediate riders. It comes in two sizes to ensure a nearly perfect fit and incorporates a foam core, foam deck, and a smooth bottom surface. The slick bottom design provides excellent speed and includes a coiled leash, ensuring the board remains attached even if you wipe out. This is not a disposable board; rather, it's a high-quality option that can be enjoyed repeatedly. Considering its durability, you might also consider investing in a Bodyboard Travel bag to safeguard your investment.

From £54.16 ex. VAT

Jobe Dipper Bodyboard

The Jobe Dipper Bodyboard is an entry level option that is available in three different sizes. The three sizes will give a near perfect fit to the majority of riders. This is a great option for taking your first steps into bodyboarding. This bodyboard features a foam core, this is designed to last and isn’t a use it once and bin it option! This also comes complete with a wrist leash, to prevent losing it in the surf.

From £41.66 ex. VAT