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Dagger Aluminium Grab Handle


The Dagger Aluminium Grab handle is perfect for replacing the damaged one that is currently fitted on your kayak. This kayak grable handle features an aluminium construction, it is easy to fit as it features two oval holes. It also comes with the correct hardwear to fit to a Dagger kayak thats designed to have this handle. Not only does this handle work as a handle, it also offers a secure anchor point and a locking point to secure the kayak. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a single unit Supplied with 2 x fitting components Aluminium Construction Two oval securing points -------------------- Length - 15cm (end to end) Inner Hole Spacing - 12.5cm Outer Hole Spacing - 14.5cm --------------------

£11.00 inc. VAT £10.27 inc. VAT

Dagger Aluminium Security Bar


£7.00 inc. VAT £6.53 inc. VAT

Dagger Contour Lite Backrest

From £52.28 inc. VAT

Dagger Contour Lite Hip Pad Kit


The Palm Contour Lite Hip Pad Kit is the kit needed to replace the Hip Pads for a Dagger Contour Lite Outfitting System. Can be retrofitted to other kayaks as well.

£41.00 inc. VAT £38.28 inc. VAT

Dagger Contour Lite Seat Pad


£25.00 inc. VAT £23.34 inc. VAT

Dagger Stainless Steel Ratchet


£10.00 inc. VAT £9.34 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Turtle Back


The HF Turtleback allows you to carry your kayak on your back, via the attachment of carrying straps, turning it into a rucksack.

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.59 inc. VAT

Palm Coloured Welding Rods

From £2.80 inc. VAT

Palm Replacement Bung


The Palm Replacement bung, ideal for the majority of Dagger kayaks where the thread is moulded into the rear of the kayak. This Dagger kayak drain plug screws straight into the kayak, it does not have a fitting plate. This Palm kayak drain plug will also be suitable for the UK manufactured Wilderness Systems kayaks and models form the Islander Kayaks range which includes models such as the Calypso Sport. General Features -------------------- Fits Dagger Kayaks Fits Wilderness Systems Kayaks Fits Islander Kayaks Simply screw into the fitting on your kayak Supplied on its own, No fitting plate! --------------------

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.53 inc. VAT

Palm Tri Wing Nut

From £7.48 inc. VAT

Playboater Ratchet


The Playboater ratchet buckle, a universal kayak thigh brace ratchet buckle that will work on most boat brands. This is the ideal option when you need to upgrade your existing kayak ratchet buckles. These are easy to fit and will suit the majority of kayaks brands. They do not come with any fitting nuts but you can easily reuse what’s already in the kayak. They feature a metal base and a durable plastic top section.General Features -------------------- Supplied as individual Unit No Fitting bolts supplied Metal Base Plate Plastic Upper section --------------------

£4.99 inc. VAT £4.76 inc. VAT

Playboater Ratchet Strip


£3.49 inc. VAT £3.34 inc. VAT

Pyranha Aluminium Handle with Fittings


The Pyranha Aluminium Handle is the what you find on all their latest models. The Ripper, the Machno, the 9R II they all have it. This high specification piece of outfitting has a great heritage, it ios made by the number one supplier, DMM Climbing. This kayak grab handle is designed to be highly corrosion resistant, ergonomicly shaped, comfortable to handle and also to be very easy to secure a kayaking karabiner to. General Features -------------------- Supplied with Fittings Drop Forged Construction Highly Corrosion Resistant - Anodised alloy construction Ergonimic Shape - For comfort - For easy handling - For ease of clipping a kayaking karabiner to -------------------- Dimensions Length - 17cm Width - 2.5cm Hole Spacing - 15.5cm (extreme end to end) Hole Spacing - 13.5cm (extreme inside end to end) --------------------

£28.00 inc. VAT £25.44 inc. VAT

Pyranha Backband Strap


The Pyranha Backbank Strap, the perfect upgrade / replacemtn part to keep your kayak backrest working well. This back backband strap will feed through the back pad of your kayak backrest, the cam buckle in the middle allows you to tension it whilst the kayak ratchet straps allow for easy tensioning when sat inside your kayak. General Features --------------------

£24.00 inc. VAT £22.12 inc. VAT

Pyranha Brass Centred Wheelnut

From £2.27 inc. VAT

Pyranha Connect Hip Pads


The Pyranha connect hip pads are supplied as a pair and also come with a set of foam shims to give a more snug fit. They are easy to fit and remove from the kayak due to the twin 25mm fitting straps that secure around the seat pillars. The outside of the hip pads is finished with a black fabric which is tough and durable; it also looks nice and neat when fitted into your kayak. General Features -------------------- Supplied with 2 Shaped Pads Supplied with shims Supplied with sewn in 25mm securing straps -------------------- Dimensions -------------------- Width - 17cm Height - 17cm Thickness on top corner - 3.5cm

£31.00 inc. VAT £28.18 inc. VAT