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Beal Hold Up


The Beal Hold Up has an offset mounting hole offset at a 90° angle. This allows the rope clamp to remain vertical and flat for excellent fluidity during ascent. In addition, the low attachment on the harness increases the amplitude of each movement. And for even more comfort, the opening of the cam is facilitated by an ergonomic remote lever.

£53.99 inc. VAT £47.75 inc. VAT

Camp Turbochest


A revolutionary chest ascender that features two proprietary rollers for a smooth interface with the rope. This not only helps with climbing efficiency by making the upward glide much smoother. It also reduces dangerous wear and tear on the device where the rope tends to rub on the body of a traditional ascender.

£70.00 inc. VAT £61.46 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Chest Ascender +


The Climbing Technology Chest Ascender + is a chest ascending device to capture progress as you move up a rope. This is made specific by the angle manufactured into the lower connection hole, so that the device remains parallel to the user while working. The cam is made of steel to increase wear resistance throughout the devices life, while the body is an aluminium alloy to keep the weight down to 147g.

£50.00 inc. VAT £44.93 inc. VAT

Petzl Croll

Designed for rope ascents, the Petzl Croll ventral rope clamp is simple to use, thanks to its pinch opening system, which is totally integrated in the clamp to avoid any involuntary snagging. The attachment holes ensure efficient positioning during ascents. It is available in two versions to adapt to different rope diameters.

From £51.47 inc. VAT