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Peak PS Cockpit Cover

The Peak PS Cockpit Cover is perfect for securely sealing your kayak during trips or protecting it from pests in storage. It comes in multiple sizes for various kayak types, including whitewater, sea, and slalom kayaks. This Peak PS design is made from 3mm neoprene and attaches easily with a shock cord edge. The front handle aids quick removal and doubles as a way to secure the cover to the kayak's grab handle during transportation.

From £39.94 inc. VAT

Peak PS Polo Deck

The Peak PS Polo Deck is a premium neoprene spray deck crafted for competitive kayaking, especially in canoe polo. It offers various waist sizes and a single deck size, ensuring a precise fit. Constructed with durable 4mm neoprene and a tough face fabric, it promises long-lasting performance. Easy to secure with a 9mm shockcord edge, its grippy silicone print underneath enhances traction. Seamlessly designed to prevent leaks, the waist tube seams are sealed with latex for superior performance, making it the perfect choice for your polo kayak.

From £66.56 inc. VAT

Peak PS Polo Topdeck

The Peak PS Polo Topdeck is made using their most waterproof and breathable SS4 fabric. It's a high performance and lightweight vest/deck combination that's specifically aimed at canoe polo athletes, but is also great for warm weather training for any discipline. Please note that the Polo Topdeck is a custom product so the colour in the picture may differ to what we have available in the shop.

From £114.43 inc. VAT

Peak PS Polo Topdeck Women's

From £114.43 inc. VAT

Peak PS Standard Deck

The Peak PS Standard Deck is a great entry-level neoprene sprayskirt for various kayak activities like Canoe Slalom, Canoe Polo, Whitewater, or sea kayaking. It offers a secure yet easily removable fit with its rugged 4mm neoprene construction and shock cord edge for sealing. The seamless deck panel ensures a dry experience, and the top of the deck is reinforced with latex print for added durability. Latex sealing on the waist tube and seam connecting the body tube enhances performance.

From £71.00 inc. VAT

Palm Cockpit Cover

The Palm Cockpit Cover is available in five different sizes and fits various kayaks, including polo, touring and whitewater models. It's perfect for securing your gear during kayak transport and storage, keeping pests away. This cover features durable nylon construction, a 6mm shock cord edge for adjustment, and a front-release handle for ease of use and secure transportation.

From £38.92 inc. VAT