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AquaMarine Folding Grapnel Anchor

Aqua Marine's Folding Anchor is easy to store and has great value for money. It's the most popular choice of anchor for kayaks, canoes, small boats, and inflatables.

From £6.61 ex. VAT

Jobe Anchor


The Jobe Anchor is a 4 prong folding anchor that's perfect for keeping a kayak in place in the water. Its just the right size for easy storage in the boat and not too heavy, so almost anyone can bring it aboard!

£24.99 ex. VAT

Polyform PE3 Marker Buoy

The Polyform PE3 Marker Buoy is a semi hard, NON inflatable marker buoy, available in red, yellow and white. The PE3-series is produced with low-density PE material that makes it very durable and does not require inflation.

From £7.02 ex. VAT

Scotty Anchor Lock & 241 Mount


The Scotty Anchor Lock & 241 Mount simplifies the process of dropping, raising, or adjusting your anchor during fishing. This anchor lock serves as a valuable addition to any kayak anchor system, ensuring efficient and seamless operation.

£37.49 ex. VAT £33.41 ex. VAT

Scotty Lake Troller & Post Mount


The Scotty Lake Troller & Post Mount enables precise positioning of your lure behind your boat. Whether attached to a flat deck surface or the side of a gunnel, this design provides a full 360-degree rotation, enhancing your ability to reel in your catch.

£108.33 ex. VAT £96.52 ex. VAT

Sealect Designs Camcleat Midi IM Nylon


The Sealect Designs Camcleat Midi IM Nylon is an excellent choice for facilitating the raising and lowering of a kayak anchor, providing the convenience of taking a break without the anchor descending back into the water. Designed for use with cord sizes ranging from 3mm to 6mm, the Camcleat Midi ensures secure and efficient anchor management.

£6.24 ex. VAT £5.56 ex. VAT

Sealect Designs Camcleat Mini IM Nylon


The Sealect Designs Camcleat Mini IM Nylon is perfect for using on your fishing kayak to create an anchor system. It's also ideal for replacing the broken camcleat that appears on many other kayaks if your has broken. We do sell several sizes of Sealect Designs Camcleat - so make sure you get the correct size (see below).

£4.99 ex. VAT £4.45 ex. VAT