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Jobe Halkey Roberts Valve


£17.99 inc. VAT

Jobe Hand Screw for Fin


£10.99 inc. VAT

Jobe SUP Leash 9 ft


The Jobe SUP Leash is the best way of staying attached to your stand up paddle board. This stand up paddle board leash is 9 ft in length and features a straight TP construction. On one end of the leash there is a webbing loop with a cord, this makes it easy to attatch to the board. The other end features a neoprene padded Velcro adjustable ankle strap. This also features a key pocket. This is ideal for shorter boards such as the Jobe Desna. General Features -------------------- 9ft in Length TP Construction Straight Design (NOT Coiled) Ankle leash - Velcro Adjustable - Neoprene Padded - Integral Key Pocket --------------------

£25.00 inc. VAT

Jobe SUP Leash Coil 10 ft

From £25.00 inc. VAT

Tiki 10' ISUP Leash


£27.50 inc. VAT

Tiki 12' SUP Leash


The Tiki 12' SUP Leash is the perfect way of staying attached to your stand up paddle board. This SUP ankle leash is constructed from a 7mm urethane cord. On one end it features a neoprene padded Velcro adjustable ankle strap, whilst on the other it features a slightly more simple Velcro adjustable mounting point to secure to the board. Both ends of the leash also feature a swivel facility, this prevents the leash from getting tangled up. In its natural length the leash is about 1.3m but when under pressure it will extend to an impressive 12 foot! General Features -------------------- Urethane Construction Coiled Design Neoprene Padded Ankle Connector - Velcro Adjustable Cord End to larks foot to SUP Board - Velcro Adjustable Swivel Joints - Fitted on both ends - Prevents Tangling -------------------- Length: Unstretched - 130cm (4') Stretched - 365cm (12') --------------------

£35.50 inc. VAT

Tiki Hand Screw for Fin


£4.00 inc. VAT

Tiki ISUP Removable Fin

From £21.50 inc. VAT

Tiki ISUP Valve & Cap

From £7.50 inc. VAT

Tiki SUP Carry Strap


The Tiki Surf SUP Carry strap, is a very easy answer of how to get your stand up paddle baord to the waters edge. This sinple and easy to use carry strap fits in seconds and does not require any tools or modifications to the board. It's equally as well suited for surf longboards. This SUP carry strap features a 38mm webbing construction, it also has a sliding shoulder pad for comfort. Each end of the strap has a sewn eyelet. This is easily fitted by making a larks foot and creating a larger eyelet to loop round the end of the board. General Features -------------------- 38mm Wedding Construction Sewn Eyelets on each end to loop Sliding Shoudler Pad Dimensions - Length - 436cm - Width - 38mm - Loops 15cm Shoulder Pad - Length - 28cm - Width - 9cm --------------------

£12.95 inc. VAT

Tiki Sup Seat


The Tiki SUP Seat is the perfect addition to transform your Inflatable SUP board into a SUP Kayak Hybrid. This SUP Kayak Seat is a one piece unit that incorporates a very comfortable seat pad and a supportive back pad. Its easily secured to the inflatable paddle board via the 4 secruing anchor straps. Each strap is adjustable and contains a dog clip so its can be retro fitted quickly and easily. The rear of the seat unit also features a small zip access storage bag. This is great for small items such as a small SUP dry bag. General Features -------------------- Padded Seat Unit Padded Backrest Rear Storage Bag - Zip Access Four Anchor Straps - 2 Forwards Facing - 2 Rear Facing - Adjustable Suitable for Inflatable Paddle Boards from Tiki - Tiki Glider 10'6" - Tiki Skud 9'10" --------------------

£67.50 inc. VAT
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