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Jobe Aero SUP Repair Kit


The Jobe Aero SUP repair kit is a crucial addition to elevate your Paddle Board outings. In the event of an unforeseen deflation, this inflatable SUP repair kit is here to help. Jobe has considerately bundled this repair kit in a handy plastic case with a screw-on lid for quick access. You can even repurpose the container for other uses after you've used the kit. Inside the repair kit, you'll find a plastic wrench, a tube of adhesive, and two circular vinyl patches to tackle any potential problems.

£11.66 ex. VAT

Jobe Halkey Roberts Valve


£14.99 ex. VAT

Jobe Hand Screw for Fin


£9.16 ex. VAT

Jobe Inflatable Paddle Board Center Fin

The Jobe Inflatable Paddleboard Center Fin is a tool-free, easy-to-install fin. It's an ideal replacement for a lost or damaged fin and is compatible with boards like the Jobe Yarra, Jobe Lena, Jobe Duna, and Jobe Neva.

From £17.49 ex. VAT

Jobe Padded Quick Release Waist Belt


The Jobe Padded Quick Release Waist Belt is an alternative option that provides added safety in flowing water. When pulled under the water it can be difficult to reach to ankle in fast moving waters, this waist belt eliminated this issue and make it easy to detach from you board should you need to. You can simply attach any ankle leash cuff directly to the waist belt for added safety. The belt features easy to reach, quick-release buckles with a bright toggle for ease of use.

£18.33 ex. VAT

Jobe Quick Release Waist Belt


The Jobe Quick Release Waist Belt can be a potential lifesaver in certain white water situations, providing you with the possibility to quickly release from your body should you need to. The quick release waist belt is a great solution for those who like to paddle on rough rivers and white water, if your board gets stuck and the waterflow pulls you down, this belt allows you to easily get loose from your board and prevent potential drowning.

£12.49 ex. VAT

Jobe SUp Cargo Net

The Jobe SUp Cargo Net will keep all your necessities and essentials safe during your stand up paddle adventures. It features a waterproof pocket that will easily fit items such as your phone and keys, as well as an outer bungee cord that will effectively store a water bottle or things of a similar size. The Jobe Cargo Net perfectly fits all boards in the Jobe Aero range.

From £14.99 ex. VAT

Jobe SUP Leash 9 ft


The Jobe SUP Leash 9 ft offers a reliable way to stay connected to your stand-up paddle board. Extending to a 9 ft length, it features a straight TP design. One end of the leash is equipped with a webbing loop and cord for easy attachment to the board, while the opposite end includes a neoprene-padded Velcro-adjustable ankle strap, complete with a handy key pocket. This leash is especially suitable for shorter boards like the Jobe Desna.

£20.83 ex. VAT £15.75 ex. VAT

Jobe SUP Leash Coil 10 ft

The Jobe SUP Leash coil, a 10ft coiled ankle leash designed for paddle boards, boasts a Velcro-adjustable ankle strap with neoprene padding and a handy key pocket. The leash's opposite end features webbing and a cord for secure attachment to your SUP board's anchor point. When required, the coiled leash can extend to 10ft, and it conveniently maintains a compact and space-efficient profile on your SUP board deck when not in use.

From £20.83 ex. VAT

Palm Quick Cargo Pouch


The Palm Quick Cargo Pouch is a convenient accessory pouch for enhancing your Quick SUP belt or Quick Rescue belt. It easily attaches securely using the MOLLE webbing fasteners on the rear. Now you can have your snacks and sunscreen readily accessible at your waist while you paddle.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.43 ex. VAT

Palm Quick H20 Pouch


The Palm Quick H2O Pouch is your solution for bringing your water bottle along during your water adventures. This pouch easily attaches to your MOLLE-compatible SUP belt or Quick Rescue belt. You can quickly secure it using the MOLLE webbing fasteners on the back. Say goodbye to thirst while on the water – you'll always have a refreshing drink at hand!

£18.33 ex. VAT £16.21 ex. VAT

Palm Quick SUP Belt


The Palm Quick SUP Belt is a versatile and comfortable quick-release belt designed for SUP leash attachment. It offers all-day comfort and adaptability, with a dedicated attachment loop for Quick SUP leashes and compatibility with traditional ankle leashes. The MOLLE webbing allows for customisation, attaching pouches and accessories or keeping it simple and low-profile.

£28.33 ex. VAT £25.06 ex. VAT

Palm Quick SUP Leash

The Palm Quick SUP Leash is a 3-meter elasticated leash designed for stand-up paddle boarding, featuring a breakaway safety system. Attaching your leash to a quick-release waist-belt is crucial, especially in areas with currents, moving water, like estuaries, harbours and rivers. Having a dependable disconnect option can prevent potential entanglements and keep you safe.

From £19.16 ex. VAT

Tiki 10' ISUP Leash


£22.92 ex. VAT

Tiki 12' SUP Leash


The Tiki 12' SUP leash is your top choice for ensuring safety while staying tethered to your stand-up paddle board. It doesn't discriminate between inflatable or composite SUP boards; this ankle leash suits both types. Crafted from sturdy 7mm urethane cord, it delivers durability and trustworthiness. On one end, there's a neoprene-padded Velcro-adjustable ankle strap for your comfort. The other end features a straightforward Velcro-adjustable mounting point designed to securely attach to the board.

£29.58 ex. VAT

Tiki Hand Screw for Fin


£3.33 ex. VAT