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Lifeventure All Purpose Soap

The Lifeventure All Purpose Soap is a great travel soap for the everyday day, to most dedicated travellers. Gentle concentrated soap that can be used as body wash, clothes wash or even washing up! This concentrated formula lathers well in both fresh and brackish water and can be used on hair, body, the dishes, fabrics and even fresh food. It’s an antibacterial, pH-balanced and biodegradable soap which goes a long way.

From £3.69 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Dry Wash


Lifeventure's Dry Wash is an antibacterial soap that doesn’t require water – the liquid evaporates as you’re using it. It's also a PH balancer which means that the gel doesn't dry out your hands like other similar products. This is ideal for travel and the outdoors when a reliable water source may not be close by eg. arid areas or cold areas where water is frozen.

£4.16 ex. VAT £3.69 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Fabric Wash


The Lifeventure Fabric Wash is ideal for travellers, especially for elongated trips or traveling with children. This awesome and environmentally friendly Fabric Wash is a concentrated wash that can be used on both normal and technical fabrics. It can be used on fleece, waterproofs, cottons and synthetics, as well as your Lifeventure Travel Towels! Lifeventure Fabric Wash is also biodegradable, so isn’t harmful to the environment when washed away.

£4.16 ex. VAT £3.69 ex. VAT

Lifeventure HydroFibre Ultralite Towel


The Lifeventure HydroFibre Ultralite Towel is quick drying and compact making it ideal for you adventurers with limited weight and space. Really is an ideal travel towel. Dries quicker than any other towel on the market, making it perfect for adventurers, athletes and adrenaline junkies. The lightweight towel can absorb 5 times its own weight in water and dries 15 times faster than a conventional towel.

£18.33 ex. VAT £16.24 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Recycled SoftFibre Trek Towel

The Lifeventure Recycled SoftFibre Trek Towel is the original compact travel towel absorbing 9 times its own weight in water and drying 8 times faster than a conventional towel. Retaining their signature design, Lifeventure have developed these printed recycled towels using water bottles to ensure they're doing their bit for the planet.

From £13.29 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Silicone Flight Bottle Set


The lifeventure flight bottle set is great for anyone traveling, whether it be by plane, boat or car.  This handy set of silicone bottles are ideal as they all meet airport customs requirements. They are also squeezable, so can easily get liquids out of them. Super durable TPU outer case with zip closure, will ensure that contents do not spill all over your case!

£15.83 ex. VAT £14.02 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Bath & Sink Plug


The Lifeventure Travel Bath & Sink Plug has a diameter of 6.4cm which is the size of a standard sink plug so will fit most sinks and baths in hostels and hotels worldwide. It has a metal ring pull on the top to attach to a string or cord. This is a very useful item to carry in your Wash Bag when travelling. For a more versatile plug that fits even bigger/smaller holes, check out Lifeventure's Universal Sink Plug.

£3.33 ex. VAT £2.95 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Bottle Shower


The Lifeventure Travel Bottle Shower is a screw-in shower head that can be used to turn a normal necked bottle (most water bottles in every day use around the world) into a shower. This is ideal for travelling, wild camping or for use at the beach. When the bottle is upturned, the bottle and head give a constant pumped shower flow - no squeezing required.

£9.99 ex. VAT £8.85 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Clothes Line


The Lifeventure Travel Clothes Line packs up small and doesn't require pegs! The twisted cords act to trap the corners of clothes, towels etc once it is hung. The handy hooks attached to each end can wrapping around trees and hook onto things. It would be very useful to hang your Lifeventure Soft Fibre Towel on.

£5.41 ex. VAT £4.79 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Mirror


The Lifeventure Travel Mirror is perfect to take everywhere with you whilst away, or even just out and about! It's made from polished stainless steel and so is virtually unbreakable and comes in its very own suede effect pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth and protector. The drawcord attached to the mirror is great if you want to dangle it around your neck too.

£7.49 ex. VAT £6.64 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Travel Wash Bag

The LifeVenture travel wash bag is ideal for keeping all of your toiletries and personal pieces organised. Available in two sizes, the bags are made of durable fabrics and include lots of space saving pockets and features, a must have for your next expedition or trip!

From £16.24 ex. VAT

Pits & Bits Detangling Spray


The Pits & Bits Detangling Spray features a quick-drying formula that's been infused with delicious oat milk and honey fragrance. To use, simply spray in and brush out for enriched and conditioned hair in no time. These bottles are ideal for painless and easy detangling, resulting in healthier looking hair on your travels. Suitable for use on dry or wet hair.

£3.33 ex. VAT £2.95 ex. VAT

Pits & Bits Expanded Wipes


The Pits & Bits Expanded Wipes are a versatile and eco friendly wipe that can be used in a wide range of situations, whether washing up whilst camping, cleaning your bike, or having a shower at camp, these soft and durable wipes will do the job! Combine them with Pits & Bits Body Wash to create the perfect bathing wipe. To use, simply apply liquid and watch them grow and unravel into a 21x21cm cloth!

£2.49 ex. VAT £2.21 ex. VAT

Pits & Bits Towel Off Body Wash

Introducing Pits & Bits Body Wash - your essential companion for staying fresh on-the-go, whether you've been hitting the gym, camping under the stars, or simply breaking a sweat! Utilizing innovative "Towel Off®" technology, this gentle yet effective liquid wash simplifies your cleansing routine. Just apply to the body, massage to lift away dirt, and then easily remove by towel drying while wet and soapy. Experience the convenience of a shower without the need for water!

From £2.77 ex. VAT

Pits & Bits Towel Off Shampoo

Pits & Bits Towel Off Shampoo offers a convenient solution for maintaining your hair's freshness on-the-go, ideal for post-exercise, camping trips, or busy schedules. Simply apply the liquid directly and generously to the scalp, massage to lift dirt, and towel dry to remove, leaving your hair soft and clean wherever you may be. Crafted using 100% renewable energy and packaged in 100% recycled plastic, including the label, this shampoo aligns with eco-conscious principles without compromising performance.

From £2.77 ex. VAT

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower


The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower has been made with the same waterproof fabric and roll-top closure STS's lightweight dry sacks, their Pocket Shower features a compact shower head that operates with an easy-to-use on/off twist mechanism. The twist spout also serves to adjust the flow of water, delivering an efficient trickle up to a free-flowing shower.

£23.33 ex. VAT £20.61 ex. VAT