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Hand Warmers

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HotHands Hand Warmers


If you have to venture out in the cold make sure you have the Hot Hands Hand Warmers Twin Pack with you. The air activated heat packs are pocket sized to keep with you whilst you are out and about.

£1.00 inc. VAT £0.90 inc. VAT

Life Systems Reusable Hand Warmers


Hand warmers offer instant heat on cold winter days. Just pop the metal disk and massage the gel pad as the gel begins to crystallise, instantly releasing heat. Keep them tucked inside your gloves or coat pockets for a very welcome warm-up on icy days!

£4.99 inc. VAT £4.45 inc. VAT

Little Hotties Hand Warmers


Little Hotties hand warmers are an odourless and environmentally safe heat source, providing warmth and comfort in all cold conditions for approximately 8 hours. This 40 pair pack of hand warmers, with an average activated temperature of 135°F (57°C), can be used by anyone in the outdoors, for example athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, spectators, skiers, and more!

£1.00 inc. VAT