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Plastic Frame Sunglasses

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Jobe Glassfloat


Never lose your glasses again with the Jobe Glassfloat. The cord will float your glasses to the water surface if they fall off and its bright colour will make them all the more easy to spot!

£40.00 inc. VAT

Julbo Breeze


These sunglasses are designed to fit women's faces and are a perfect choice for any woman looking for a pair of glasses that are tough enough for longer journeys, without losing any comfort...Weight: 34g Panoramic 360° adjustable temples Grip Tech Full Venting 3D Fit Nose Optical clip Asian Fit RX Trem Women's vision RX Clip 360° adjustable temples

£75.00 inc. VAT £66.00 inc. VAT

Julbo Elevate

From £65.50 inc. VAT

Julbo Paddle

From £61.13 inc. VAT

Julbo Renegade

From £65.50 inc. VAT

Julbo Stream

From £69.88 inc. VAT

Julbo Whoops

From £43.67 inc. VAT

Oakley Apparition

From £122.47 inc. VAT

Oakley Drop Point

From £101.26 inc. VAT

Oakley Eyejacket Redux

From £109.49 inc. VAT

Oakley Fives Squared

From £70.40 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins

From £77.75 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins 35TH

From £109.87 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins Lite

From £102.04 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins Mix

From £116.82 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins XS


£78.00 inc. VAT £68.70 inc. VAT