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Plastic Frame Sunglasses

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Julbo Breeze


Designed to fit women’s faces, Breeze frames provide excellent coverage, great field of vision and excellent ventilation, which all come together to create one of the most comfortable glasses for long journeys. The adjustable temples offer incredible grip for every face, giving the wearer even more comfort. Fitted with Zebra Light photochromic Reactive lenses, they offer optimum vision, regardless of light levels.

£75.00 inc. VAT £66.00 inc. VAT

Julbo Line - Age 4-8 years (Sample)


The Julbo Line sunglasses are designed for active kids (age 4-8 years) who love to follow in the footsteps of grown ups when it comes to sport, whether at sea or in the mountains! LINE adds a dash of style to their first aadventures.

£35.00 inc. VAT £21.99 inc. VAT

Julbo Optical Clip


£15.00 inc. VAT £13.01 inc. VAT

Julbo Paddle

From £61.13 inc. VAT

Julbo Renegade

From £65.50 inc. VAT

Julbo Whoops

From £47.14 inc. VAT

Oakley Apparition

The Oakley Apparition sunglasses are a part of Oakleys "Ahyris" range inspired by the iris of the eye. All glasses in this range have a circular hinge that connects the frame and temples giving the glasses a very distinctive yet unique look.

From £150.38 inc. VAT

Oakley Drop Point

Bringing clarity and performance to active lifestyles, Drop Point blends the wide-open view of side curvature with sculptural angled shaping.

From £113.12 inc. VAT

Oakley Eyejacket Redux

The Oakley Eye Jacket™ Redux, inspired by the original Eye Jacket that revolutionised the look of sport performance eyewear, features the same bold oval silhouette that first hit the scene in 1994 updated with today’s revolutionary technologies.

From £122.03 inc. VAT

Oakley Fives Squared

If ordinary sunglasses just don’t fit, Fives Squared is the answer. Unlike conventional sunglasses that stick out at the sides, this frame uses Condensed Cranial Geometry for a tapered architecture that feels as good as it looks and it’s a look that soaks sophistication in adrenalin.

From £79.82 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins

In pop culture, it was a time like no other. Ronald Reagan was in the White House, The Terminator was in the box office and Run DMC was in certified gold. It was also the time when Oakley created one-of-a-kind sunglasses called Frogskins. Oakley resurrected the original tooling from the '80s giving you a chance to own a piece of history.

From £88.15 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins Lite

Influenced by sport and pop-culture, Frogskins™ Lite is the next evolution of the brand’s most iconic lifestyle sunglass, the Frogskins. Sporting a classic semi-rimless frame design, it features Oakley’s leading performance technology to keep up with every on-the-go adventure.

From £114.30 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins Mix

Frogskins™ Mix takes a fresh approach to the brand’s most iconic lifestyle sunglass, Frogskins™, with the added sophistication of stainless steel temples.

From £127.68 inc. VAT

Oakley Frogskins XS


£94.00 inc. VAT £85.57 inc. VAT

Oakley Gibston

Wrapped in style, Gibston is the latest high-wrap frame from Oakley®. The modern frame design offers full protection loaded with features that perform.

From £97.07 inc. VAT

Oakley Holbrook

Holbrook is a timeless, classic design fused with modern Oakley technology. Inspired by the screen heroes from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, this design epitomises the spirit of exploration and adventure. The iconic American frame design is accented by metal rivets and Oakley icons, perfect for those who seek equal parts performance and style.

From £122.62 inc. VAT
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