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Bird Brand Methylated Spirit

From £1.72 inc. VAT

GoSystem Bayonet Butane Propane Mix


Butane Propane Gas for use with specific camping stoves.Tin Bayonet cartridge. A Countersunk Relief Valve (CRV) system safely releases gas in the case of a build-up in internal pressure. 227g Butane-IsoButane Propane Mix Bayonet Gas Cartridge Effective to -20 deg C Non- refillable Filled to the European standard EN417

£7.99 inc. VAT £7.08 inc. VAT

GoSystem Pierceable Butane Propane Mix


£3.42 inc. VAT £3.04 inc. VAT

Jetboil Jetpower Fuel


Jetboil Jetpower Fuel

£4.99 inc. VAT £4.39 inc. VAT

MSR Fuel Bottle

From £14.74 inc. VAT

Optimus Fuel Bottle


£19.50 inc. VAT £17.09 inc. VAT

Primus Fuel Bottle

From £15.07 inc. VAT

Primus Power Gas

From £2.99 inc. VAT

Primus Powerfuel 1 Litre


High performance, high output, clean burning fuel for getting the best out of your stove. If you have a multifuel model, running some of this through occasionally will help prevent blockages and diesel muck building up.

£8.00 inc. VAT £7.07 inc. VAT

Primus Winter Gas


Primus Winter Gas is Camping Fuel perfect for backpacking in cold climates and over-night hiking or trekking.

£8.00 inc. VAT £7.11 inc. VAT

Trangia Safety Valve bottle Top


Replacement safety valve for Trangia fuel bottles.

£7.25 inc. VAT £6.49 inc. VAT