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Buoyancy Aids

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Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue


The Swift Water Rescue Jacket is a top of the range multi-purpose rescue and emergency response 80N buoyancy aid. The jacket features pockets and attachment points so you can easily store and access your tools and equipment, so you always have the gear at hand for the job you need to do. User friendly and with waist supports ensuring a one size fits all solution, this is a great and efficient choice for rescue teams.

£165.00 inc. VAT

Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue Lite


Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue Lite 50N in one size fits all. This is a basic version of the Crewsaver Swift Water Rescue 80N jacket. This durable but lightweight jacket provides rescue teams with a low cost solution for swift water rescues where additional jackets may be required. These can be stored easily in various crafts such as rescue tenders, ready to be distributed in an emergency situation.

£73.00 inc. VAT £64.06 inc. VAT

Palm Rescue 700

For rescue responders and others working in and around water. The robust Rescue 700 provides the essential safety features, storage and sizing to fit your whole team.

From £145.00 inc. VAT

Palm Rescue 800

Designed to meet the demands of rescue professionals, the Rescue 800 is our classic rescue PFD. With full adjustability, high visibility, and knife storage space.

From £190.00 inc. VAT

Palm Rescue 850

The Palm Rescue 850 is possibly one of the best swift water rescue PFDs out there. This is packed with lots of great features, while also being finished to the highest possible standards. If you are a Swift water rescue technician, this is the Rescue PFD to wear.

From £210.00 inc. VAT

Palm Rescue Extrem

Palm's Rescue Extrem is a premium safety PDF. It has low volume whilst remaining high float. It has FLEX- FIT FOAM that wraps around the torso, providing a streamline fit, ensuring optimum flexibility and range of movement when swimming and rescuing.

From £210.00 inc. VAT

Palm Rescue Universal PFD


A high-float‚ one size fits all PFD, which can outfit your whole emergency response team. With all the essential safety features, it's quick to adjust for a secure and safe fit. Failsafe shoulder webbing and heavy duty ripstop material make this buoyancy aid strong and durable for extended service. Featuring a size adjustable UCLan harness (Patent GB2492084) for safe release every time.

£210.00 inc. VAT

WRS Rescue Wrap

A unique entry system is a revolutionary redesign of PFD fitting and use. The WRS Rescue PFD has two front panels, each connected to the rear PFD panel with a shoulder strap, side panel, side straps and waist strap. The user wraps the outer front panel over the inner, secures the wrap connection with two super strong side buckles, a rescue harness, a shoulder whistle clip and a side release waist buckle.

From £64.69 inc. VAT