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Bolts and Anchors

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Kong Speleagle


The Kong Speleagle is an innovative compact stainless steel hammer with lightweight head, specifically designed for mountaineering, caving and rescue. Equipped with two hexagonal keys to tighten the screws, one of 13mm in the handle and one of 17mm shaped in the hammer head.

£52.99 inc. VAT £49.78 inc. VAT

Petzl Anchor Driver with Pivot Handle for P12


Petzl's Perfo Spe Anchor Driver is a hand drill for use with 8mm self drilling anchors such as the Petzl Cheville. It is compact and lightweight, with a pivoting handle to assist with grip in damp cave conditions. Petzl have instructions for use with the Cheville expansion bolts here

£29.93 inc. VAT £26.54 inc. VAT

Petzl Coudee Simple Hanger


The Coudee is a simple hanger for use with 8mm spits that holds the karabiner or maillon perpendicular to the rock, thus reducing rope abrasion. This is useful for situations where a pitch is to be rigged as a pull through, but could increase wear on karabiners if the rope is to be re-ascended. In this situation, a Vrillee twist hangerwould be better.

£4.19 inc. VAT £3.72 inc. VAT

Petzl Rocpec Compact Adaptor


The Petzl adapter for Petzl Rocpec hand drill Increases the Ropec's versatility and provides greater comfort and efficiency for placing 12 mm self-drilling expansion anchors.

£24.94 inc. VAT £22.12 inc. VAT

Petzl Rocpec Drill


The Rocpec drill is a hand drill designed for aid climbers and cavers. The drill accepts SDS drill bits and can drill holes of varying depths and diameters for all types of anchors. The lightweight drill is easy to set-up and dismantle and doesn't need additional tools.

£59.86 inc. VAT £53.09 inc. VAT

Petzl Tam Tam Hammer


The Petzl Tam Tam is a practical hammer for speleology to place anchors. The handle is equipped with a 13 mm wrench for 8 mm nuts. Thanks to the practical wrist strap, it always lies securely in your hand.

£64.84 inc. VAT £57.50 inc. VAT

Petzl Vrillee Twist Hanger


This is a simple hanger for 8mm bolts with a twist so that it holds a karabiner parallel to the rock. This can be an advantage in places where the rope is likely to be re-ascended rather than pulled through, although can cause the rope to rub on the rock in certain placements.

£4.19 inc. VAT £3.72 inc. VAT