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Electric Pumps

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Jobe Portable Electric Air Pump with Bag

The Jobe Portable Electric Air Pump with Bag offers a convenient method for inflating your SUP board right on the beach. With a single charge, this electric pump can inflate two SUP boards. It includes two charging leads, one for standard sockets and one for car cigarette lighters, providing flexibility. Additionally, it comes with various nozzles, allowing you to use it for different inflatable products.

From £265.00 inc. VAT

Jobe SUP Pump 12V


The Jobe Electric SUP air pump is powered through a 12V cigarette lighter connection. If for any reason this 12V connector isn't accessible, you have the option to connect it to the vehicle's battery using the included alligator clips. This configuration provides a 12V connector for convenient plugging in. The compressor pump is well-equipped to inflate your board up to a maximum pressure of 20 PSI. Furthermore, it's equally proficient at efficiently deflating the board at the conclusion of your excursion.

£145.99 inc. VAT