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Kayaking Thermals and Base Layers

A good set of thermals will keep you warm under your cag, and there are options for whatever the weather and the level of activity you are doing.

Lycra options can be used.when its really warm to keep the sun off, or for training and the pool.

Base layers go next to the skin, wicking perspiration away, and keeping you dry. Midlayers are heavier than baselayers, and are generally maded of stretch fleece or waffle fleece. These provide more insulation, and should also help with the transport of perspiration away from the skin. If you're somewhere really cold, some options can also be used as thick base layers. These layers are generally made from sythetic materials, and should keep you warm when wet as well as dry (stay away from cotton)

We also have base layers from our outdoor department, including natural fibres such as merino wool.

Don't neglect your head either, if you stop moving and remove helmets, a good fleecy hat can mean the difference between being comfortable and cold on a wait.

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Circle One Lycra Short Sleeve Men's Rash Vest

The Circle One Lycra Short Sleeve Men's Rash Vest, a great piece of kit that is perfect for wearing under a wetsuit. This rash guard will offer a bit of base warmth, but mainly it will prevent your wetsuit rubbing on key areas such as your neck and under your arms. The men’s rash vest also features a Lycra construction and all of the seams are flat lock stitched for comfort. In order to protect you from the sun, this rash guard also features a full UV Protection with a rating of UPF 50+.

From £20.99 inc. VAT

Palm Arun Longsleeve

From £32.93 inc. VAT

Palm Arun Women's Longsleeve

From £32.93 inc. VAT

Palm Tsangpo Hat


The Palm Tsangpo hat is a fleece beanie that offers plenty of warmth. It is great for wearing under your kayaking helmet; it is equally as good Après Kayak for keeping warm on the river bank. This beanie hat is made from Pontetorto fleece and this also features Polygiene technology which helps to prevent the build-up of odours. General Features -------------------- Fleece Construction Flatlock seams for comfort Double layer head band for added warmth --------------------

£17.00 inc. VAT £15.54 inc. VAT

Palm Tsangpo Socks

From £15.54 inc. VAT

Palm Tsangpo Suit

From £114.31 inc. VAT

Palm Tsangpo Women's Suit

From £114.31 inc. VAT

Peak PS Thermal Rashy Long

From £50.34 inc. VAT

Peak PS Thermal Rashy Pants

From £50.34 inc. VAT

Peak PS Thermal Rashy Short

From £41.18 inc. VAT

Peak UK Kidz Thermal Rashy Long

From £27.46 inc. VAT

Peak UK Thermal Rashy Long

The Peak UK Thermal Rashy Long, one of the most luxurious thermal rash vests for keeping you warm. This thermal rashie is very warm, it helps to wick all of the moisture away for the body and its also quick drying. It features a stretch polyester construction which incorporates very fine fleece on the inside. All of the seams are flatlock stitched for comfort and performance. To ensure that there is no restriction when being used, it also has an articulated cut. The body is also quite long; this will ensure that if worn with the thermal rashy pants, they will overlap for added warmth and performance.

From £50.34 inc. VAT