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Eckla Sit on Top Trolley 260


The Eckla Sit Op Top Trolley is ideal for getting any type of sit on top kayak with moulded scupper plugs to the waters edge. However If you are looking for a sit on top trolley for kayak fishing, it is well worth looking at the C-Tug Trolley as it has a higher loading capacity.

£100.00 inc. VAT £94.38 inc. VAT

Islander Kayaks Calypso Sport

The Islander Kayaks Calypso Sport, a single set sit on top kayak that is idea for exploring the coast, cruising around your local lake and playing in the surf. This single seat sit on top kayak is suitable for paddlers up to 145kg in weight. The Calypso features a self -bailing hull system, so in the event of a capsize you can easily turn it back over and climb back on. This sit on kayak has 3 areas for storage, multiple grab handles for easy man handling and a padded kayak seat for maximum comfort.

From £550.28 inc. VAT

Islander Kayaks Koa Sport

From £525.74 inc. VAT

Islander Kayaks Strike Angler

From £761.71 inc. VAT

Jobe Anchor


This 4 prong folding anchor is perfect for keeping one of the Jobe lounges in place in the water. Its just the right size for easy storage in the boat and not too heavy so almost anyone can bring it aboard!

£29.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Universal Drop Rings


Deep shaped drop ring which prevents water from running down your paddle shaft. Easy to retrofit, no tools required. Made of durable flexible material. Suitable for 28-30,5 mm shaft.

£5.99 inc. VAT

Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers


The Ocean Kayak Scupper stoppers are available in four different sizes; they are then sold as individual units. These scupper bungs are perfect for plugging off your scupper drain holes to give you the option to stay dry while paddling on flat water such as a lake or a calm river.

£7.09 inc. VAT £6.10 inc. VAT

Palm Countersunk Pozi


Pack of 4.

£3.00 inc. VAT £2.80 inc. VAT

Palm Drift 2-Piece Paddle


The Palm Drift Livery is a 2 piece kayak paddle. These are ideal for use with sit ons and are also perfect for inflatable kayaks. These 2 piece paddles offer great value for money. This entry level kayak paddle features an aluminium alloy shaft that has a central push button spigot. It then incorporates glass reinforced polypropylene blades which offer good degrees of stiffness. This kayak touring paddle also comes fitted with paddle drip rings, this is great for preventing the water running down the shaft and getting your hands wet. General Features -------------------- One Size Options 60 Degree feather 2 Piece Alloy Shaft - Fitted with drip Rings - Fitted with plastic coated hand grip positioning Polypropylene Glass Blades - Two colour options - - - Red, Blue - Asymetric Blades - 600cm2 - Gentle Dihedral --------------------

£65.00 inc. VAT £60.23 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Lite Paddle

From £78.52 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Livery 2-Piece Paddle


The Palm Drift Livery is a 2 piece kayak paddle that is ideal for use with sit on top kayak. These split kayak paddles offer good value for money. This is an entry level kayak paddle that has a 2 piece alloy shaft, it then features glass filled polypropylene blades which offer reasonable levels of stiffness. This sit on top kayak paddle also comes fitted with paddle drip rings. Paddle drip runs are great for stopping the water from running down the shaft. General Features

£50.00 inc. VAT £46.50 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Paddle

The Palm Drift Paddle, an entry level kayak paddle that is ideal for use with sit on top kayaks, crossover kayaks and the old relic that you have just dug out from the back of the garage. This beginner kayak paddle comes in 3 sizes, 205cm 215cm and 220cm. The 205cm / 215cm is ideal for use with crossover kayaks depending on what you want to do. The 215cm / 220cm is perfect for using to explore the coastline while sit on top kayaking. This entry level kayak paddle features a glass filled polypropylene paddle blade and an aluminium paddle shaft. This kayak paddle also features plastic shrink wrap grips to mark where you need to hold the shaft, this is then complimented by a moulded in hand grip. Finally, there are a set of kayak drop rings. These kayak drip guards will prevent the water from running off the blades and down onto the shaft to get your hands wet.

From £46.50 inc. VAT

Palm D-Ring Fitting SOT


The Palm D-Ring fittings come supplied as a pair. These D rings are made from a mixture of plastic and metal. They are found on many models of Islander Kayaks such as the Calypso. They are ideal for securing sit on top kayak seats and also thigh braces. They do not come with the nuts that are needed to secure them but these can be bought as an extra if required. General Features -------------------- Supplied as pairs NOT supplied with fittings Split Plastic / metal construction --------------------

£6.00 inc. VAT £5.60 inc. VAT

Palm Drip Rings


The Palm Equipment drip rings are ideal for adding onto a kayak paddle to prevent the water from running down the shaft. They are supplied as a pair. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a pair --------------------

£3.00 inc. VAT £2.80 inc. VAT