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Eckla Sit on Top Trolley 260


The Eckla Sit on top trolley is the perfect answer for getting your boat to the waters edge. Its easy to use as you simply sit the kayak onto the two vertical poles, they then locate through the scupper plugs of your chosen boat.Size when packed in storage bag - 58 x 28 x 11.5cm Trolley Weight - 2.8Kg Loading Capacity - 50Kg

£89.99 inc. VAT £83.59 inc. VAT

Islander Kayaks Calypso Sport

From £494.29 inc. VAT

Islander Kayaks Koa Duo Sport

From £613.34 inc. VAT

Islander Kayaks Koa Sport

From £466.81 inc. VAT

Islander Kayaks Strike Angler

From £723.24 inc. VAT

Jobe Anchor


£29.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Recreational Paddle Leash


This 1m Recreational Paddle Leash from Kajak Sport is simple and light. The leash is made from 4mm bungee making it lightweight and small for storage.

£10.00 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Universal Drop Rings


£5.99 inc. VAT £5.28 inc. VAT

Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers


The Ocean Kayak Scupper stoppers are sold as single units and they are available in four different sizes. These scupper bungs are perfect for sealing up the scupper drain holes in your chosen model of Ocean Kayak. They will then prevent the water from entering the craft if you are paddling on flat water. General Features -------------------- Supplied as individual units Supplied with rope lanyard for easy removal 4 Size Options - Extra Small (Green) - Small (Yellow) - Medium (Blue) - Large (Red) Plug Dimensions - Extra Small - 1"- 1.25" - Small - 1.25" - 1.5" - Medium - 1.5" - 1.75" - Large - 1.75" - 2" --------------------

£7.09 inc. VAT £6.10 inc. VAT

Palm Countersunk Pozi


£3.00 inc. VAT £2.70 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Classic

From £43.58 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Classic 2-Piece


The Palm Drift Livery is a 2 piece kayak paddle. These are ideal for use with sit ons and are also perfect for inflatable kayaks. These 2 piece paddles offer great value for money. This entry level kayak paddle features an aluminium alloy shaft that has a central push button spigot. It then incorporates glass reinforced polypropylene blades which offer good degrees of stiffness. This kayak touring paddle also comes fitted with paddle drip rings, this is great for preventing the water running down the shaft and getting your hands wet. General Features -------------------- One Size Options 60 Degree feather 2 Piece Alloy Shaft - Fitted with drip Rings - Fitted with plastic coated hand grip positioning Polypropylene Glass Blades - Two colour options - - - Red, Blue - Asymetric Blades - 600cm2 - Gentle Dihedral --------------------

£65.00 inc. VAT £56.66 inc. VAT

Palm Drift Lite

From £74.10 inc. VAT