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Nookie Insul8 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves

The Nookie Insul8 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Glovesare perfect for use in cold weather conditions. These neoprene gloves are ideal for winter kayaking, wild swimming, bodyboarding and stand up paddle boarding. They feature 3mm neoprene, which also incorporates a glued and blind stitched construction to make the gloves warmer. To enhance the warmth even further, they also feature an o-ring gasket on the wrist to help prevent water flush through.

From £25.57 ex. VAT

Palm Current Pogies


The Palm Current Mitts are kayak paddle gloves designed to provide warmth and comfort on the river. Easily attached to a kayak paddle shaft with a Velcro strip, these pogies offer effective protection against wind, rain, and sun. The top side includes a fleece liner, and the base features a partial fleece lining. A draw cord around the wrist ensures easy tensioning, and reflective detailing on the front seam enhances visibility.

£37.50 ex. VAT £33.17 ex. VAT

Palm Descent Pogies


The Palm Descent Pogies are an excellent solution for maintaining warm and comfortable hands during winter kayaking. Securing them to your kayak paddle shaft is easy with the Velcro opening, allowing your hands to slide in directly onto the shaft. Constructed from 3mm neoprene with a quick-drying thermal liner, these pogies feature glued and blind-stitched seams to prevent water ingress.

£45.83 ex. VAT £40.53 ex. VAT

Palm Grab Gloves

The Palm Grab Gloves are great for use in the summer time, when you want to add additional warmth. These gloves also feature a 2mm neoprene construction and a super stretch neoprene to get a better quality fit. The seams are all glued and blind stitched for added performance, whilst the glide skin neoprene wrist gives an enhanced seal against your wetsuit. The Palms of these neoprene kayak gloves also incorporate a PU printed grip for enhanced grip.

From £25.06 ex. VAT

Palm Header Cap


The Palm Header Cap, a 1.5mm neoprene skull cap, is an ideal accessory under your kayak helmet. Whether maneuvering in your freestyle kayak or navigating rivers during winter trips, it provides essential warmth. The cap, featuring a chin strap, stays securely over your ears, offering protection against surfers' ear. Additionally, the Header Cap includes titanium insulation for enhanced warmth.

£17.50 ex. VAT £15.48 ex. VAT

Palm High Five Kid's Gloves

The Palm High Five Kid's Gloves are the number one choice for kid’s neoprene gloves. These are great for keeping your little one's hands warm whilst out Kayaking, paddle boarding or wild swimming. These are 3mm neoprene gloves that incorporate a grippy palm print to ensure a solid grip on your kayak paddle. Palm have also decided to add a pairing button, so when the kids remove these neoprene gloves from their hands, they can easily secure them together as a pair to prevent losing one glove!

From £17.69 ex. VAT

Palm High Ten Gloves

The Palm High Ten neoprene watersports gloves are idea for a variety of uses. They are particularly well suited towards kayaking, Bodyboarding Stand Up paddle boarding and Wild Swimming. They feature a simple design that effectively does the job of keeping your hands warm. They also benefit from having a grippy print on the palm and a pair of press studs so that when they're not being used, they can be safely stored as a pair.

From £19.90 ex. VAT

Palm Hook Gloves

The Palm Hook Gloves are the perfect choice for use in the colder months. These warm neoprene gloves are a great choice for sports such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and open water swimming. They feature a glued and blind-stitched construction to make them warmer and more resistant to water ingress. They also incorporate an additional quick-drying liner for added warmth. The fingers are pre-curled into a more natural paddling position and they feature a set of pairing studs to prevent you from losing them.

From £32.43 ex. VAT

Palm NeoFlex Gloves

The Palm NeoFlex Gloves are made with soft and flexible 0.5mm neoprene, they have also incorporated a thermospan lining for added warmth. Whilst these are very flexible gloves, the palms are Amara reinforced for enhanced durability. These gloves are ideal for use in the summer season where you want the basic levels of warmth. Suitable for sports such a sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and wild swimming.

From £16.95 ex. VAT

Palm NeoFlex Hood


The Palm NeoFlex Hood IS a 0.5mm neoprene balaclava that's ideal for wearing under a kayaking helmet. This hood is made from 0.5mm Neoflex neoprene and it offers additional warmth from the thermospan lining. This hood is ideal for use in the colder months, before you reach the depths of winter. It has an overhead design and a long neck so it should be able to create a seal with the neck of your wetsuit of drysuit.

£21.67 ex. VAT £19.81 ex. VAT

Palm Pilot Cap


The Palm Pilot Cap is a winter kayaking hat designed to comfortably fit under your kayak helmet, providing extra warmth during cold winter kayaking trips. This skull cap is also well-suited for sports like Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Wild Swimming.

£15.00 ex. VAT £13.27 ex. VAT

Palm Pro Gloves

The Palm Pro Gloves have been designed to be used by professionals in search and rescue operations. They're extremely tough and reinforced with strength fibres that make them great for work in cold and wet conditions.

From £37.28 ex. VAT

Palm Surf Hood


The Palm Surf Hood is a 2mm neoprene balaclava specifically crafted for winter use. With a 2mm neoprene build and a quick-drying thermal liner, it ensures optimal warmth. The glued and blind-stitched seams guarantee top-notch performance by preventing leaks. The face features a small Glideskin gasket for a secure seal, and the stiffened peak provides sun protection.

£33.33 ex. VAT £29.48 ex. VAT

Palm Talon Mitts

The Palm Talon Mitts are some of the best open palm kayak gloves available on the market. These neoprene mitts feature an open palm design, so you can get a full feeling of your kayak paddle in your hands. They also incorporate a 3mm neoprene construction, which has a quick drying thermal liner. The seams are then glued and blind stitched for enhanced warmth and performance.

From £26.53 ex. VAT

Palm Throttle Gloves

The Palm Throttle Gloves stand out as versatile water sports gloves suitable for various activities like canoeing, kayaking, and dinghy sailing. Crafted from soft 2mm neoprene, these multipurpose gloves prioritize warmth and comfort. The adjustable Velcro wrist closure guarantees a secure fit, while the palm and thumb areas are reinforced with durable Amara for enhanced protection.

From £33.17 ex. VAT

Peak PS Gloves

The Peak PS Gloves are a great option if you're looking for some neoprene hand-wear that covers all aspects of watersports. They are perfect for activities such as stand up paddle boarding, gorge walking and kayaking. They feature a 2mm super-stretch neoprene construction, which offers good levels of warmth for winter kayaking trips. They also feature a grippy print on the palms so you can maintain a secure grip on your kayak paddle shaft.

From £21.45 ex. VAT