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Dag Biwok Evo Hi-Luxe

The Dag Biwok Evo Hi-Luxe is a 2 person sea kayak that's perfect for coastal exploration and discovering new areas with your chosen kayaking partner. Featuring a 3-layer plastic construction that provides a reduced weight and greater stiffness, which helps prevent the kayak from flexing too much in choppy sea conditions. The Biwok Evo Hi-Luxe has 2 cockpits, both of which have comfortable seat units and padded adjustable backrests for added support. There are also multiple hatches that provide plenty of storage for equipment and essentials.

From £1,249.20 ex. VAT

North Shore Atlantic RM

The Atlantic RM is the main stay of North Shore's range. With a strong rocker combined with soft chines and a shallow vee, the Atlantic brings confidence and excitement to both novices and experts alike, this kayak is at home whether exploring the coastlines or playing in races and surf. The three layer plastic construction aids the stiffness and handling of the boat, while maintaining the durability expected of plastic craft.

From £1,454.17 ex. VAT

P & H Aries

The P & H Aries are custom made sea kayaks. They are designed and built in the UK and are available in two different sizes for the perfect fit. They are produced in a number of different constructions so they will suit your budget and requirements. The Aries is a playful sea kayak that's ideal for exploring the bays, coves and playing along the coast. They are also suitable for longer sea kayaking expeditions. In the event that you don’t want to paddle all the way you can also add a kayak sailing rig to them.

From £2,495.83 ex. VAT

P & H Cetus

The P & H Cetus is an expedition sea kayak that is available in three different sizes, the LV, MV and HV. They are all generally built to order and come fully finished to your colour choices along with any optional added extras requested from the accessories list. The Cetus is ideal for multi day kayaking trips and with this in mind features plenty of storage hatches. It also incorporates a retractable skeg which enhances the directional stability of the kayak.

From £3,141.67 ex. VAT

P & H Delphin CLX

The P & H Delphin CLX is a playful sea kayak that's perfect for exploring coastlines, rock hopping and playing in the tides. Its construction is lightweight and offers enhanced levels of stiffness and durability. It's available in two sizes, that cover a wide range and will ensure a near perfect fit for most paddlers.

From £1,282.00 ex. VAT

P & H Leo CLX

The P & H Leo CLX is a versatile, 3 hatch (4 hatch with optional bow mini hatch), cruising sea kayak with superb initial and progressive secondary stability, ample gear storage options, full deck lines and bungees, and an extremely comfortable cockpit with plenty of room to stretch your legs as you take on longer journeys or travel between play spots along a coastline.

From £1,487.47 ex. VAT

P & H Scorpio II CLX

The P & H Scorpio II CLX is a feature rich plastic sea kayak that's been designed for kayak expeditions. Its CoreLite X construction reduces the overall weight of the kayak, whilst increasing the levels of stiffness and durability. It features plenty of storage options, with two front hatches, two rear hatches and a full array of deck elastics, as well as a place to mount your Silva 70P compass. The Scorpio II features a long keel line that provides good directional stability, the mid-section of the body features a slight v shape which helps to give a nice smooth ride.

From £1,546.60 ex. VAT

P & H Valkyrie CLX

The P & H Valkyrie CLX is a sea kayak that's been designed to deliver speed. Whether you're taking on extensive open water crossings and expeditions, or just looking to inject more adrenaline into your day trips, this is the kayak for you. It features a vertical, narrow bow that maintains maximum waterline length whilst slicing cleanly through the water and creating a clean path for the rest of the kayak's hull to follow efficiently. Other benefits of this kayak shape include an increased bow hatch volume and a more engaged hull at the bow to counteract windage.

From £1,400.60 ex. VAT

P & H Virgo CLX

The P & H Virgo CLX is a great choice for anyone looking for a kayak offering accessible performance for daytrips and the occasional overnighter. It's a compact, but uncompromising take on a classic sea kayak design, featuring a Corelite X three layer plastic construction and skeg fittings for ease of tracking in windy conditions. The Corelite construction reduces the overall weight of the kayak, meaning you'll notice the increase in efficiency and stiffness on the water.

From £1,224.31 ex. VAT

P & H Volan

The P & H Volan is the ultimate lightweight and highly versatile day/weekend Sea Kayak. Built specifically for those who like to make the most out of day and weekend trips, the Volan provides straight tracking when flat, whilst swinging round effortlessly when on edge or carving into a turn. This kayak delivers on comfortable performance for both the journey and any play sports you may find along the way. Its short, 16" length provides ample hull speed and helps to keep weight to an absolute minimum for nimble performance and ease of handling.

From £3,141.67 ex. VAT

Valley Aleut II

The Valley Aleut II is rightly regarded as one of the best expedition doubles available. At 22 feet, the combination of exceptional speed, secure handling and ample capacity make it suitable for almost any purpose.

From £3,829.17 ex. VAT

Valley Anas Acuta

The Valley Anas Acuta is the closest experience you can possibly get, in a composite kayak, to paddling a genuine skin on frame Greenland kayak. The Anas Acuta is based on measurements taken from a historic Greenland kayak. Its low decks, hard chines and pronounced rocker, make this kayak extremely responsive to paddler inputs and a real joy to paddle.

From £2,912.50 ex. VAT

Valley Etain

The Valley Etain is an expedition sea kayak that's available in three sizes. It is available in either a standard glass and diolen construction or a Kevlar and Carbon construction. The Etain features a four hatch configuration which offers plenty of storage and the deck design incorporates a full array of deck elastics. The cockpit is large and easy to access, it also includes a supportive backrest and seat pad, further support is achieved from the adjustable footrests.

From £2,912.50 ex. VAT

Valley Etain RM

The Valley Etain RM is a fast and efficient expedition sea kayak that still has play potential when fully loaded. The deck design features four hatches, two at the front and two at the rear, all of which are easy to load and access. The deck also has a full array of elastics for keeping things secure and in place. The cockpit is located in the centre of the boat, with a large padded seat and supportive padded backrest. Further support is achieved by the moulded thigh braces and adjustable pedal footrests.

From £1,625.00 ex. VAT

Valley Gemini SP

From £2,912.50 ex. VAT

Valley Gemini SP RM

The Valley Gemini SP RM is a single sized sea kayak for play. It has a great deck design that incorporates a full array of deck elastics and also three kayak storage hatches.

From £1,625.00 ex. VAT