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Beal Hands Up


Ergonomics and comfort were priorities when designing the Beal Hands Up handled ascender. It is equipped with a reinforced grip area, making it more comfortable and practical. This design allows a two-handed grip during rope ascents: on the side under the trigger as well as on the top. The opening of the cam is facilitated by an ergonomic offset lever. This control mechanism is made entirely of metal for durability.

£55.83 ex. VAT £49.33 ex. VAT

Climbing Technology Quick'Up+

The Climbing Technology Quick'Up+ is a left or right-hand light alloy ascender handle with ergonomic rubber grip for climbing ropes.

From £44.92 ex. VAT

ISC Professional Hand Ascender

The ISC Professional Hand Ascender is sleek & ergonomic by design. It has been machined from high-strength Aluminium extrusion and are suitable for heavy-duty use. All ISC Hand Ascenders have both primary and secondary attachment holes, are fitted with stainless steel cams and come with moulded, comfort-grip handles.

From £61.15 ex. VAT

Petzl Ascension

Hand ascender that clamps to a rope to allow for easy climbing of a line when used in conjunction with a foot loop. Can be used for climbing, caving and access work. With over-moulded ergonomic gripper that provides a comfortable and powerful grip with one or two hands. A wide lower hole provides easy attachment of two carabiners for a lanyard and foot loop.

From £44.42 ex. VAT

Petzl Ascentree


The Petzl Ascentree is a clamp for ascending trees using double ropes and footlocks or pantin foot ascenders. The cam is chrome-plated steel with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot to grip the rope even when muddy or icy. It is integrated into the clamp to stop rubbing.

£170.00 ex. VAT £151.03 ex. VAT

Heightec Pulsar Ascender

The Heightec Pulsar (X-Cam) is a handled ascender for use in rope access. It has been found to be 25% stronger than its most popular sharp toothed competitor, with a breaking load of up to 675kg. Heightec X-Cam ascenders will significantly reduce the possibility of a complete system failure by exerting a considerable hold on a rope after the sheath has broken. It is available in both right and left handed versions.

From £39.54 ex. VAT