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Palm Atom Jacket

The Palm Atom Jacket, a number one choice for whitewater kayaking. If you’re looking to stay warm and dry whilst being comfortable on the water. This kayak cag works very well when paired with a pair of kayak dry trousers, it is also ideal for whitewater canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. It is perfect in the colder months! The Palm Atom Jacket has a tough and durable 3 layer fabric construction which incorporates an articulated cut. The articulation ensures that you are not restricted, whilst making extreme moves. The kayak cag is a fully dry option that has a double neck seal, double wrists seals and also a double waist. Both the neck and the wrists have latex gaskets. The neck then has a neoprene outer cone, whilst the wrists have a Velcro adjustable outer. The waist of this kayak jacket works perfectly with a kayak spraydeck and kayak dry trousers for an enhanced seal. A zip accessed chest pocket, then offers basic storage for selected items.

From £237.78 inc. VAT

Palm Bora Jacket

The Palm Bora Jacket, the ultimate sea kayaking jacket that will give the best levels of protection and performance. If you’re looking to be dry and warm whilst out in the longer sea kayaking trips, thesis the sea kayak cag to use. This sea kayaking cagoule features a 3 layer fabric construction, the design of the cag is fully articulated to also give the best levels of freedom and maximum range of movement, The Bora Jacket features a double waist system and also a double wrist seal system,. The wrists have a later inner gasket and an adjustable outer cuff for added protection. The neck seal is also a double design, an inner zip with Velcro adjustment and a zipped outer collar, which is also fleece lined. There is then a large hood to protect from the wind and the rain. Whilst on the chest there are two hand warmer pockets.

From £274.36 inc. VAT

Palm Chinook Jacket

The Palm Chinook Jacket, a highly versatile sea kayaking cagoule which is also ideal for stand up paddle boarding. Whatever the weather conditions are, this will offer you protection from the water, rain and the wind. This sea kayak jacket incorporates a 2.5 layer fabric construction with an over the head design. The cut of the kayak cag is also fully articulated to give the best levels of freedom and maximum movement. The Chinook jacket has a double waist system a double wrist system, a double neck system and also a roll away hood. There is then a chest pocket that can be accessed by two zips, this is great for basic storage but is more deal for keeping your hands warm due to the partial fleece lining.

From £205.78 inc. VAT

Palm Chinook Women's Jacket

The Palm Chinook Jacket is a great piece of ladies kayak clothing. This versatile sea kayaking jacket is also perfect for other watersports such as stand up paddle boarding. The Chinook offers protection from the water, rain and the wind. It's constructed from 2.5 layer fabric and has an over head design. It's also fully articulated to give the best levels of freedom. The Chinook has double waist, wrist and neck systems and incorporates a handy removable hood.

From £205.78 inc. VAT

Palm Pop Jacket

The Palm Pop Jacket is an entry level canoe cag that offers basic levels of protection from the water, rain and wind. This kayak jacket is perfect for new paddlers getting out on the water for their first kayaking experience. It features a PU coated nylon construction which is waterproof but has very limited breathability. The waist is a simple but effective drawcord and the wrist seals are a non-adjustable neoprene cone.

From £43.90 inc. VAT

Palm Rocket Kid's Jacket

The Palm Rocket Kid's Jacket is a great semi-dry kayak cag for junior paddlers who are getting out on the water for the first time. This kayak cag is perfect for whitewater kayaking as the double waist system enables it to be worn in conjunction with kayak dry trousers such as the Rocket Kid's Pants and also a neoprene spraydeck. This will then offer greater levels of protection from the water in the event of a swim.

From £77.74 inc. VAT

Palm Surge Jacket

The Palm Surge Jacket is a whitewater kayak cag that will keep you nice and dry whilst on your kayaking adventures. It will also keep the wind off you. The warmth of this kayak dry cag is dependant on what layers you wear underneath, for the best levels of performance, its well worth blending this kayak cag with a pair of kayak dry trousers.

From £182.90 inc. VAT

Palm Terek Jacket

The Palm Terek Jacket is a waterproof paddling jacket that has been made with three-layered recycled nylon from post-industrial waste. This jacket makes no compromises when it come to performance and when paired with its environmentally friendly design, the Terek is sure to become a favourite in paddling. It also features a helmet compatible roll-away hood, a YKK AquaGuard zip kangaroo pocket and reflective details to keep you visible in poor lighting conditions.

From £201.20 inc. VAT

Palm Vector Jacket

The Palm Vector Jacket, a great entry level kayak cag that is ideal for a wide range of watersports. This kayak cag is ideal for keeping the wind and rain off whilst out on your watersports adventures. It is suitable for sit on top kayaking, Stand Up paddle boarding and also entry level kayaking. It features a 2 layer fabric construction which is soft and flexible. It also features a neoprene adjustable neck, wrists and waist seal. All of these are then easily adjustable by Velcro tabs. The small chest pocket gives basic levels of storage and is easy to access via a waterproof zip.

From £34.75 inc. VAT

Palm Vector Kid's Jacket

The Palm Vector Kid's Jacket is a great basic option for keeping the kid's dry from the wind and rain when they're out on the water. This Vector Kid's Cag is comfortable to wear and perfect for use whilst Sit On Top Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and even for some basic White Water Kayaking. It's made with a durable ripstop XP 2-layer fabric, with added Velcro closures on the neck, waist and wrists.

From £45.73 inc. VAT

Palm Vector Women's Jacket

The Palm Vector (Women's) Jacket is a great first piece of ladies kayaking clothing. This women's kayaking cag offers basic protection against the wind and the rain whilst out on the water. Whether you're enjoying your time sit on top kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or Open Canoeing, this kayak cag is one to consider.

From £82.31 inc. VAT

Palm Velocity Jacket

The Palm Velocity Jacket is an entry level dry cag that's perfect for whitewater kayaking. This dry top will offer good levels of protection against the water, wind and rain whilst out on your favourite rivers. It features a 2 layer fabric construction and an articulated cut, offering the best levels of freedom and unrestricted movement. It has double neck and wrists seals, plus a double waist system for an enhanced seal with a spraydeck and dry trousers.

From £137.18 inc. VAT

Palm Vertigo Jacket

The Palm Vertigo is a semi-dry kayak top that's an excellent choice for any new paddlers who are just getting started with whitewater kayaking. The Vertigo Jacket has a double waist seal which will help to give an enhanced seal with your kayak when used with a spraydeck. This jacket also benefits from a neoprene neck seal for added levels of comfort and a tight double wrist design, this should keep most of the water out. The Neoprene outer cuff offers more warmth and protection than latex.

From £109.74 inc. VAT

Palm Zenith Jacket

The Palm Zenith Jacket is an excellent semi-dry kayak cag that's suitable for a variety of different types of kayaking. Whether you are using it for whitewater kayaking here in the UK or maybe on an alpine kayaking trip, this jacket is sure to tick all the boxes. It is also well suited for kayak surfing on the coast. The Zenith is waterproof and breathable, keeping you comfortable on those colder days. It also benefits from a neoprene cone neck which is more comfortable than a latex gasket in a saltwater environment.

From £160.04 inc. VAT

Palm Zenith Shortsleeve Jacket

The Palm Zenith Shortsleeve Jacket is a midweight, short sleeved cag that's perfect for summer paddling. It benefits from a soft GlideSkin neck and Glideskin bicep seals‚ and is made using XP 2.5-layer fabric. It also has handy reflective details, providing visibility in night time and the eye catching colour combinations are great for safety and rescue purposes. Overall, the Zenith is a great choice for alpine trips‚ summer surfing or freestyle.

From £137.18 inc. VAT

Palm Zenith Women's Jacket

The Palm Zenith Women's Jacket is a semi-dry paddling jacket that incorporates a 2.5 layer waterproof and breathable fabric. The cut of this jacket is designed specifically for the female shape and is perfect for paddlers who don't like latex neck seals.

From £160.04 inc. VAT
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