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Adlard Coles Paddle Scotland


The Adlard Coles Paddle Scotland is the definitive guide to seeing all the wonders of Scotland under paddle power. Scotland is one of the most appealing destinations for kayakers, canoeists and paddleboarders from all over the world. That's because if there is one country best seen from the water, it is Scotland. Loch Ness contains more water than all of the rivers and lakes in England and Wales combined – and there are 27,000 other lochs to explore as well. What's more, with 125,000km of rivers and 800 islands, there's always somewhere new to paddle. And the spectacular Scottish scenery only adds to the appeal.

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Adlard Coles The Paddleboard Bible


Stand-up paddleboarding stands as the world's most rapidly expanding watersport. With just a bit of know-how and practice, virtually anyone can rise and embark on their journey and the possibilities with SUP are boundless. This comprehensive handbook equips you with all the essential information to initiate your paddleboarding adventure and beyond.

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Bradt Publications Paddling Britain


Bradt Publications Paddling Britain is an innovative guide, authored by renowned paddleboarder Lizzie Carr (aka Lizzie Outside), is your ultimate resource for British stand-up paddleboarding. It reveals the top 50 UK destinations for paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing, spanning Devon, Cornwall, Norfolk, Cumbria, and the Cairngorms. The guide also provides crucial stand-up paddleboarding insights, including safety tips, equipment advice, weather awareness, and responsible paddling practices.

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Fernhurst Books / Wiley Nautical Stand Up Paddleboarding A Beginners Guide


Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a rapidly growing global watersport. Its affordability, the ease of using inflatable boards, and the simple "get on and go" aspect contribute to its widespread popularity. However, as with any activity, a bit of know-how and skill can greatly enhance the experience. This is where our book, the first of its kind in the UK to offer SUP guidance, becomes valuable.

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